Introducing Anonimo Watches

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Page and Cooper are proud to announce a new partnership with Anonimo Watches.

It was in the latter half of the 19th century that Giovanni Panerai set up a modest watchmaking workshop on the banks of the Arno river in Florence, Italy. As the 19th century gave way to the 20th century, the workshop passed to descendants Guido & Son.

Known for supplying watches of supreme reliability to the Regina Marina - The Royal Italian Navy - this family watchmaker developed innovations and improvements to the watches they supplied. One such innovation, still in use today, was the protection of the crown of the watch by positioning it inside the watchcase. To improve legibility, watch size was increased and numerals and hands given luminescence.

In 1972 Dino Zei, a respected naval engineer became the first non-family member to assume control of the company. Under his leadership, and with his intimate knowledge of marine environments, further developments were refined. The use of bronze in case construction, a material frequently used in ship construction and of great value in its resistance to corrosion and magnetic protection, was introduced.


Due to declining naval orders in the 1980's, Zei took the decision to offer watches to the general public. The brands profile grew and in 1997, Panerai was acquired by the Richemont Group. Production relocated to Switzerland where control passed to Panerai Sistemi.

However, the original Florentine team, with their huge knowledge of watch manufacturing, decided to continue their craft in Florence - thus Anonimo was born. Dino Zei remained in Florence with the new team, and remained loyal to the core of professional sailors. Diving watches followed, with further technological innovations, such as watches able to withstand pressures of 120 and then 200ATM (metres).

 Anonimo Nautilo collection

The emblematic 'Militare' watch was produced, which featured the famous winding crown guard at 12 o'clock and also the 'Professional Chrono' equipped with a crown screw locking system and water resistant push buttons.

 Anonimo Militare collection

It was in 2012 that tragedy occurred, unable to withstand the crisis of the economic downturn and due to its small, specialised and exacting production runs, Anonimo Firenze was forced to close down.

Fortunately, the legendary nature of this significant watchmaker and the desire to see it functioning once more was noticed by a band of European investors, who relaunched Anonimo in 2013. Anonimo watches are once again being produced with the same passion and dedication of the original founders.

Anonimo Construction

Featuring many classic Anonimo innovations such as the Patented Crown Guard, legible dials with the distinctive Anonimo 12, 8 and 4 design, intriguing and distinctive dials, and handmade Italian leather straps, Anonimo watches are now being manufactured with a dedication to quality, standard of construction and beauty of design.

Page and Cooper are proud to be dealers and the UK’s sole after sales specialist for this wonderful and intriguing watch maker. We look forward to caring for customers both old and new with sales and servicing.