Iron Maiden Legend Bruce Dickinson Collaborates With MATWatches

Bruce Aeris Chronograph

As part of one of the most internationally successful rock bands of all time, one would imagine that Bruce Dickinson, lead singer of Iron Maiden, doesn’t have a great deal of spare time on his hands.

As it turns out, Bruce just happens to be a seasoned commercial airline pilot with a lifelong passion for aviation, on top of his day job as a rock music legend.

Perhaps even more impressively, Bruce was responsible for flying the bands very own Boeing 747-400 jumbo jet, aptly named ‘Ed Force One’, some 61,518 miles across six continents, for Iron Maiden’s ‘The Book Of Souls 2016 World Tour’ no less.

Ed Force One

After a brief encounter at a dinner party with Fabrice Pougez, owner of MATWatches, the seed was planted for what would become one of the most intriguing watch collaborations we’ve encountered here at Page & Cooper.

The Bruce Aeris Official Chronograph pilot’s watch, based on the MATWatches AG5 CHL to commemorate an incredible world tour on Ed Force One, is strictly limited to 666 individually numbered pieces.

The watch comes neatly packaged in a collectors box accompanied by a certificate of authenticity personally signed by Bruce Dickinson and a photo of the plane (pictured above). The decision to produce just 666 pieces of course stems from 'The Number of the Beast' as the lyrics from Iron Maiden's song of the same name suggests.

The official Bruce Aeris chronograph quartz is a technical and operational timepiece identified by its black steel, 200-metre water resistance, and high resistance to shocks, traction, and extreme low temperatures. The luminous index of its dial is manufactured in Super Luminova BGW9 reinforced by sapphire glass to provide legibility under the most extreme conditions.

As is the case with all MATWatches, this Chronograph will be delivered in a collectors box with 3 straps and a tool to customize the watch for all occasions.

MAT Bruce Aeris ChronographMAT Bruce Aeris ChronographMAT Bruce Aeris Chronograph

Bruce commented: “I met Fabrice from MATWatches a few years ago and he kindly gave me the pick of his watches as a gift. I chose what turned out to be a test pilot’s timepiece and I’ve pretty much worn it ever since – not just when I’m flying but daily!

Fast forward to the start of 2016 and we came up with an ‘Ed Force One’ watch as a celebration of the plane – initially as a gift from me to my band mates – but because of the quality, practicality & collectability of it, I decided to pick our favourite number (666) and produce a strictly limited edition timepiece to commemorate an amazing tour on Ed Force One.

We’re now making it available to watch collectors, 747 fans and maybe some people that know me from my day job!”

Bruce Aeris Chronograph

Fabrice Pougez, Head of MATWatches said: “Bruce is, without a doubt, one of the most famous rock singers in the world, as well as an experienced and respected professional pilot, so we were thrilled when, due to our mutual passion for aviation, entrepreneurship and music, he agreed to collaborate with us to create this unique Bruce Aeris timepiece”.

In this video taken from Iron Maiden’s official YouTube channel, Bruce explains what inspired the Bruce Aeris Chronograph.

Available only on the Bruce Aeris Chronograph website, we don’t suspect these highly collectable watches will be around for long.

Bruce has also specified that watch number 666 will be sold at auction with all proceeds going charity.