Junghans - Simply Beautiful

We were a little miffed recently, when a well-respected watch journal described us as a ‘sports watch’ specialist. Whilst we appreciate being recognised as a specialist, we do cover a wide selection of watches, each of which has its own intrinsic values which justify its inclusion within our selection.

Junghans watches are a case in point.

Now we have known of Junghans for many years and have long been impressed by their careful construction and aesthetically pleasing designs.  And it has been a real mystery to us as to why one of Germany’s biggest watch manufacturers has been so hard to find. We are indeed pleased to announce that after many conversations and emails on this subject, Page and Cooper have been appointed authorised dealers for Junghans and we hope that this collaboration will greatly improve the situation.

Junghans beautiful factory is situated in Schramberg on the edge of the Black Forest. The company was founded in 1861 by Erhard Junghans. They gained their initial success as a manufacturer and supplier of clocks, but in 1903 the directors felt confident enough to add a ‘watchmakers terrace’ which was built into the surrounding hillside. Through this positioning, natural daylight was given to every individual watchmaking station. Thus, Junghans wristwatches were introduced to an admiring public.

To this day, a single watchmaker is responsible for each mechanical Junghans watch. From initial assembly, dial and hand settings through to power reserve, regulation and water resistance testing, one craftsman creates each and every timepiece. Only when testing is satisfactory in every respect will a Junghan’s watch be given its model number, identification number and its coveted eight pointed star trademark.

At Page and Cooper, we have focused our attention on two particular areas of the range. The Meister collection and the Max Bill range. For Junghans, the marriage of design, technology and fine watchmaking first came together under the tutelage of Anton Zeigler whose great skill was in creating simple organic designs that linked the traditional approach to watchmaking with clean, contemporary and modern advances. First introduced in the 1930’s, these timeless designs are today more relevant than ever. Today the Meister range contains some fascinating pieces with unique complications. Take the Meister Agenda as an example. This classic watch features a separate day/date with a power reserve indicator and, unusually, a Calender Week Planner. The current Meister selection of watches exemplifies the Junghans concept.

From 1956, the legendary Bauhaus designer Max Bill worked with Junghans to develop this much admired range of clocks. At the same time the exacting standards set by Junghans together with Max’s precise attention to clarity, scale and proportion allowed the company to add an iconic range of wristwatches, the Max Bill range. Clear, simple dials and elegant proportions teamed with beautiful straps and bracelets made for a stunning acknowledgement of excellent design coupled with a Max Bill/Junghans panache.

We are excited! And with close support from the fine team at Schramberg, Page and Cooper look forward to introducing a new generation of watch enthusiasts to the style, the precision and the technical excellence of Junghans.