Introducing Laco Chronographs: Substance with Style

Page and Cooper Laco Chronographs

Mechanical Chronograph watches are highly-desirable because of the craftsmanship they epitomise. Each dial functions mechanically, without a computer chip or battery. Something that takes a very unique level of skill to design. As such, they are often considerably more valuable than more traditional watches.

If you’re a follower of our social media channels, you’ll know that you don’t need to be a pilot or an astronaut to grace your wrist with watches like these. Many buyers neither try, nor want to get to grips with the sub-dials, although they’re deceptively easy to use. Chronographs and sub-dial watches are sometimes considered functional art – their miniature dials give the face a stunningly high-tech edge.

This week we’re taking a look at some of our favourite chronographs from Laco. Again, those of you who know Page and Cooper will undoubtedly know of our love for Laco, we have written extensively in the past about their small operation in Pforzheim, and their surprisingly illustrious history.

We think that everyone, from beginners to more seasoned watch collectors, should have a Laco in their collection. Their range is vast enough to cater for every taste, and considering their quality German engineering and Swiss movements, their prices are always accessible. As we discussed earlier, chronographs are always at the more expensive end of any manufacturers catalogue – but you’d be hard pressed to find the same dedication history and craft at even twice the price of these pieces from Laco.

The Monte Carlo Chronograph

Inspired by racing, the Monte Carlo Chronograph has very much the feel of a hefty piece of technology. Perhaps that’s because it’s packed with features. A day and date display, minute and hour counters, central second-hand counter, and even a running sub-second dial all feature, and with a power reserve of 40 hours.

Page and Cooper Laco Monte Carlo

The Phoenix Chronograph

With the same features as the Monte Carlo, the Laco Phoenix Chronograph is a more formal piece. The blue sun ray dial adds perfect contrast to the sliver stainless steel case finishing and features, and the milanaise bracelet finished off the sophisticated look nicely.

Page and Cooper Laco Phoenix Chronograph

The Mission Manx Limited Edition

Named after the legendary TT races held in the Isle of Man, the Laco Mission Manx Chronograph pays particular reference to Georg ‘Cast Iron’ Meier who in 1939 treated the local Manx spectators to a flawless performance to win the 264 mile race. The watch features many a homage to the era, the man and the race with intricate details on the dial and bezel.

Page and Cooper Mission Manx Limited Chronograph

Find out more about the history behind the watch on this great video from Laco:

History, passion, variety, and watchmaking prowess – hopefully the watches mentioned here have demonstrated that Laco possess all of these qualities in abundance.

If you’re looking to add a Laco to your collection, feel free to ask us any questions on our social channels, or by contacting us