Laco Factory Visit

Well, here we are again. Back in the historic town of Pforzheim, Germany, also known as ‘Goldstadt’ (golden city) due to its rich history of jewellery and watchmaking. Pforzheim also happens to be home of our good friends and partners at Laco.

Most of you will already know that we visit our chosen manufacturers on a regular basis to immerse ourselves in the details of up and coming developments and Laco are a very special watchmaker with many years of fascinating history behind them.

Laco workshop Germany

It is interesting to note that the Laco factory sits today within a very modern hi-tech development of specialist micro engineering companies. But, when the factory was first built it actually stood alone in the Baden-Wurttemberg countryside. Laco have been established here since 1925.

Laco Watch Workshop in Germany

But do not let the date of 1925 lead to any thoughts that the company may be old fashioned. Far from it. It is amazing that this small, passionate and dedicated team produce a wide range of fascinating watches, manufactured to the highest standards and at amazingly accessible prices. At Page and Cooper we travel constantly and widely to seek out watchmaking pride, passion and perfection. We are able to chat with every member of the Laco team as our orders progress through production. That’s how close our relationship is. Laco is a natural for us, and, may we venture to say, for you too? 

Laco watches under construction

The main intention governing this visit is to have an intimate viewing of the new Laco releases. They are fascinating. Let’s take for example the new Classic range, available in a clever option of 38 and 40mm sizes. With a wide range of beautifully finished, contemporary dials with sunray finishing, applied numerals, polished hands and automatic movements with display backs. Now, look at the prices! Amazing value.

Laco Classic Watch Range

Laco have expanded their very successful range of quartz chronographs which now includes additional eye catching designs. Let’s look at the Engadin, Lausanne and Bern Pilots, still watches with their wave style dials. The intriguing Seattle and Detroit with their rivet style dials so reminiscent of 1930’s era aircraft panels. And we must not forget the unforgettable Atlanta with its deep blue sunray dial. 

Great value, typical German attention to detail and a great alternative to the same old ubiquitous brands seen on every high street.

Laco Watches

Laco have the ability to manufacture at many different levels. We were all thrilled to see that an entirely new watch has been added to the Classic Automatic range. The Bordeaux. 36mm, 3 hand watch, rose gold case. This watch together with the stainless steel, blue sunray dial Philadelphia have matching chronographic partners in the Paris and the Phoenix. The pairings in this paragraph are proving popular as ‘his and her items’. Interestingly, the first pair we sold as a duo had the 42mm chronograph for her and the 36mm 3 hand for him.  

Man sized watches are the ‘in’ trend for women now and we are always pleased when a couple arrive at the Page and Cooper offices as they do, from all over Europe and beyond. Beautiful watches nowadays can become a shared demonstration of 'togetherness'. 

To finish our recent visit to Laco we were given an exclusive peek at the amazing Laco Flieger Heirloom. This has been sympathetically constructed to resemble a vintage Laco pilot’s watch. At Page and Cooper we have been lucky enough to have restored several Laco watches from the past and it’s uncanny how close the modern recreation really is.

2016 is going to be a very exciting year for Laco and for Page and Cooper. We have decided to bring Laco to our great customers in London and we’ll be bringing you all an update very soon!

To find out more about any of the Laco pieces mentioned please don’t hesitate to get in touch