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Christmas gift guide

Looking for something special? 

Here at Page and Cooper, we take particular pride and pleasure in selling unique watches to our great clients, many of whom have become good friends.

However, unlike many in the retail watch world who would tell you that unique watches should cost many many thousands of pounds, we curate a collection of watches at every price level. 

Price should not be the only factor. History, integrity and of course a high level of quality should also be deciding factors.

It is always our pleasure to share with you our passion, advice and expert service which is unrivalled. So we sat down and created for you our pick of the best watches for Christmas.

Let’s take a look at our very special selection for this holiday season:

1  The new Autodromo Stradale Automatic watch draws inspiration from the dashboard instruments of the great Italian sports Berlinetta’s of the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, featuring a multi-layered dial beneath a domed sapphire crystal. The hour indexes are applied to a transparent glass ring, which floats over the coloured dial below for a 3-dimensional effect. Complete with custom leather strap it beautifully evokes the bespoke colourful interiors of the time. The Stradale arrives in a beautifully resolved leatherette hard case which would not look out of place on a road trip in Northern Italy circa 1960, complete with vintage-inspired map which is hand stamped with your purchase date.

Autodromo Stradale
2 The Autodromo Prototipo Chronograph steps out from the now much sought-after vintage racing chronographs of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. These innovative watches are powered by an innovative Seiko hybrid meca-quartz movement, featuring a sweep second-hand and instant chronograph reset, thanks to internal mechanical linkages shared with Seiko’s in-house automatic movements. The Prototipo offers classic design with modern convenience, like a classic car with essential sympathetic mechanical upgrades, the best of all eras.

 Autodromo Prototipo

3  The Damasko DA36, a perfect combination of the simplicity of a Pilot’s watch with a fresh modern design, housed in a case of Damasko’s own in-house nickel-free ice-hardened stainless steel. Anti-magnetic, scratch resistant and with Damasko’s unique Viton gaskets and lubricated crowns, these are watches at the cutting edge of technology at a truly accessible price point.

Damasko DA36

4 Fortis watches are a leading brand which has been flying high for more than a century. From their first aviation watches in the early 1920's to the current Fortis Flieger (awarded the first European Aviation Watch of the Year Award) and more recently a Long Life Design Award for one of the longest serving modern pilot watches available today. Fortis is a leading player and the instrument of choice of modern military and professional pilots. The German Air Force chose Fortis to design and manufacture a commemorative watch to mark the retirement of the F4 phantom fighter bomber. Just 175 were made we have just one available for sale. This would make a truly special Christmas gift.

Fortis Watches

5  This year Page and Cooper welcome Laco Watches to our handpicked selection. Together with A. Lange and Sohn, Wempe and Stowa, Laco were original producers of German Flieger or Pilots watches. Available in type A or B dials (with the hours on a small inner dial), these watches are still manufactured in Pforzheim, Germany to the original case design. Today there are many Flieger watches that use generic watch cases with Flieger dials. Laco use the period correct design, although in this day and age we have a choice of 42mm or 45mm cases. A little easier to accommodate than the original 55mm size which could be worn over the thigh!

Laco watches

6  Many watches claim to be used by military units or special forces but Marathon are the real thing. Manufactured to specific military specifications Marathon watches are standard issue to, among many others the US Marine Corps, US Air Force, the US Coast Guard, the Canadian Mounties, the Canadian Navy, NASA and the IDF Dudevan elite units and there are many more we are not permitted to tell you about! These incredible Swiss made, yes, Swiss made watches, built to survive in the toughest of environments are worthy to be included in our selection and true to the ethos of Page and Cooper, to offer you watches which are both unique and really special at extremely accessible prices.

Marathon Watches 7  And now we come to Sinn. Many watches bang on about their new technologies, but the Sinn range of watches encompass technology that is much more than skin deep. Of course it helps if your ‘skin’ is tough and to our knowledge the renowned Sinn U1 is the only watch made from the same type of steel as used in the U212 class of patrol submarine. The 856 Pilot watch is designed with an extreme environment capability. Filled with Argon gas the 856 is fully functional from -45 degrees to plus 90 degrees and free from fogging in these extreme conditions. Sinn have an avid and loyal following for all their watches, and rightly so.

Sinn watches

8  We have a saying at Page and Cooper. Everyone falls in love with Squale. The new limited edition Satinato is no exception. With an innovative bright satin finish, 316L stainless steel case, Squale's new edition, or should that be addition, is still made in Switzerland and still insanely good value for a truly Swiss made 500m divers watch. Everyone should aspire to owning at least one Squale. Attractive for the Ladies too!

Squale watches

But, now just a word of warning.

We cannot conjure watches out of thin air.

We don't sell mass produced watches. Whilst some brands tell you they are exclusive, they actually make runs of thousands of watches a year. Some of our dedicated and specialist watchmakers who put the utmost care into what they produce, will make less than 500 watches a year and at a price accessible to all.

Nevertheless, we regard all our manufacturers with whom we work extremely closely, as some of the finest in the business. But, as sayings go ‘good things come in small packages' and ‘good things come to those who wait'.

Now is our busiest time of the year. We do our absolute best to fulfil all orders by the holidays but we do respectfully ask that, if you are looking for a watch for the holidays, please call us. Then we can advise the latest stock and delivery position and estimates.

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