The Long Awaited Alsta Nautoscaph Superautomatic Watch

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Jaws, the movie that marked a seminal moment in the history of cinema.

This film provided the catalyst that projected the then almost unknown film director, Steven Spielberg, into the limelight. The combination of superb direction, legendary performances and a script from which lines are quoted to this very day, coupled with a soundtrack by John Williams that none who has heard it will ever forget, all made for a classic which is still loved by all. Whilst the great white shark provided the theme of terror, it was the the three central characters, Brady the police chief, Quint the sea worn shark hunter and Hooper the young Oceanographer who carried the plot. The film won many awards and, until Star Wars arrived in 1977, was the highest grossing movie of all time. Many of us grew up with ‘JAWS’, the suspense, the great lines and the tension building musical background. It’s all indelibly linked to our childhood. No one swam in the sea without the soundtrack intruding into their subconscious!


However, there was a mystery in the movie that remained to intrigue watch fans around the World. What was the watch worn by Oeanographer Hooper?

It just was not clear to see but we all knew it was an individual and unique piece. According to the opinion of the excellent blog ‘Worn and Wound’ it was two brothers Gary and Christian Stock who eventually, in 2010, came up with the answer. The watch was an unusual choice. An Alsta Nautoscaph Automatic; in particular the Superautomatic. Remember, 1975 was the era in which the dive watch was a tool, not a fashion accessory! Not much seems to be known about the choosing of this watch. It is pure speculation on my part that as Alsta was an American brand, based in New York, and the film was shot in Martha’s Vineyard, maybe the watch was just picked up by the props master at a local marine or dive store. This would make perfect sense. The main outcome is that this rare watch is now much sought after and very hard to find.....until now!

The Alsta brand was acquired a few years ago by an Alsta enthusiast and collector based in Scotland. Using his personal archive, Alsta was reborn by launching a brand new edition of the classic long lugged Nautoscaph. There was an immediate and positive show of interest and, here at Page and Cooper, we sold our entire allocation within a few weeks. In fact, at last August’s ‘World Time Watch Show’ where Alsta joined us to show some of their historic pieces, we were besieged by Dive Watch fans hoping (without success) to find examples of the new Nautoscaph for sale.

But perhaps at this juncture, we should say that at present we DO have just a handful of the limited run of PVD Surf n Ski watches in stock. Grab one whilst you can!

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For some time we, being admirers of the film, have been asking Alsta to reintroduce the classic ‘Jaws’ watch, the Nautoscaph Superautomatic and it is with great pleasure that we are able to launch it to you today. The new watch is a wonderful recreation of the original. There will be a run of 1975 watches with 500 released Worldwide at 500 per year. We have only 15 available from the first batch and we expect them to be snapped up very quickly.

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Now for the amazing specification. As watch fans, our readers will love the fact that the watch is a perfect vintage size of 38.5mm with lug to lug measurement of 43mm and a strap width of 20mm. Featured is a sapphire box crystal, beautiful Matt charcoal dial with classic Alsta typography, super luminova C3 teardrop indices, stunning highly polished sword hands, also with inset luminova. All contained within a brushed and polished stainless steel case and with a screw down crown. True to the original Alsta desired to make this both a well made and affordable watch tool, so they chose the tried and tested Seiko NH35 movement. The entire watch is hand assembled in Switzerland, making it the best of both worlds. As a testament to its true ‘tool watch’ heritage, the watch is rated to 300m (or 999ft as stated on the original piece) shock proof to ISO 1413. Alsta have decided to place this watch within a genuine Tropic strap so making each piece a true dive watch cult classic.

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And how much for this cinematic and horological legend? £795, which includes UK tax or, for those of you outside the EU, £662.50

Ok, so we end this blog saying, supply is limited, demand will be great, don’t miss out.

To quote Harper from the film.”They caught a shark. Not THE Shark”. Don’t get a dive watch, get THE dive watch!