What Does the Term 'Luxury Watch' Mean in 2017?

Page and Cooper DuBois et fils

This is an interesting topic for conversation. So many premium brands are readily available. 

High prices and high production numbers do not necessarily mean luxurious or exclusive to us at Page and Cooper. 

Exclusivity? Why, you can find the same watches at almost every store in your local Galleria!

This is where DuBois et fils come in.

We were introduced to Thomas Steinemann of DuBois et fils by a well-known and respected horological journalist who shares our passion for true watchmaking excellence and is a good friend of Page and Cooper.

We were intrigued. Not only by exceptional quality and the finest Swiss watchmaking, but also by the story of DuBois et fils in the 21st Century. 

Not only will this story fascinate the true watch enthusiast and collector, but it also offers a unique opportunity. That of developing a personal relationship between owner and maker which was a norm in days gone by, but is now probably the sole preserve of watchmakers and their clients with watches costing ten's if not hundreds of thousands of pounds.

To begin.

DuBois et fils is one of Switzerland's oldest watchmakers having been in continuous production since 1751. That is a continuous production of some 265 years!

DuBois et Fils

Today, DuBois et fils has a new custodian who offers a unique proposition to watch owners. Thomas Steinemann acquired the brand in 2010 and with more than 35 years of horological experience, has begun to create his own dream for this historic brand.

Acquiring not only the DuBois et fils name but also a rare archive of vintage watches and materials, Thomas has envisioned a new way to create meticulously crafted Swiss watches. 

He has successfully launched the first true luxury 'crowd funded' watch brand. Today, DuBois et fils has more than 850 shareholders from 31 different countries. (More on this in a future blog). Now let's take a look at the watches.

First. Please note. Every DuBois et fils watch is a true limited edition. A maximum production run does not exceed 99 pieces. However, some of the most special editions are limited to just 11 watches. This guarantees true exclusivity. Some DuBois et fils aficionados secure their favourite numbered examples as soon as they are released. For instance, the Blue Dial DBF 005 which launched at the end of 2016 sold out in just a few days.

Watches are logged and tracked on the DuBois et fils' inventory. The owner of each piece has a unique number linked to the company in Switzerland. Today, this is done digitally through the brand's innovative website which allows owners to input pictures of their 'adventures' with their DuBois et fils timepieces. A DuBois et fils owner is called a ‘Nomad of Time’ and each shares horological experiences with other members of the DuBois et fils community.

All of this innovation and interaction adds to the superb detail and instruction of the watches themselves. DuBois et fils with its vast knowledge of the Swiss watch industry has selected only the very best craftsmen and women to bring to life their watches. Multipart cases, intricate and multi-faceted dials and skilfully polished hands, each individual watch is a testament to the highest of Swiss watchmaking skills.

DuBois et fils. An exciting adventure in beautiful Swiss watchmaking. The pleasure in owning one of these timepieces and being personally involved with its creation harks back to the relationship that existed when the company was founded over 250 years ago. DuBois et fils are bang up to date for the true connoisseur of modern luxurious and exclusive watches.

To find out more about this fabulous brand please don’t hesitate to get in touch