MATWatches Purpose Built Groupama Team France Regatta Timer

Groupama Regatta Team France Timer

On Friday 26th May 2017, Groupama Team France will open proceedings in the qualification phases for the 35th America’s Cup, against formidable American defenders Oracle Team USA.

Understanding what they need to do to win, Bertrand Pacé, coach to Groupama Team France made it clear:

Match-racing is not something you can improvise so it’s better to arrive in the duelling arena fully armed! Getting off to some good starts, not being afraid of contact, battling it out whilst making fewer mistakes than our rivals and knowing how to handle the pressure are the keys you need to know how to turn to be good in this sport.”

Team France know that their choice of timekeeping could mean the difference between winning, and losing. Not a risk they are prepared to take.

Enter MATWatches. A brand that gives meaning to the phrase ‘purpose built watch’.

MATWatches Caseback

Their reputation for creating robust and capable watches has made them the number one choice of some of the worlds most prestigious military units.

The COS (headquarter of the special operations unit), French Foreign Legion, Paris fire fighters and the bomb squad of the French National Security, all ordered instruments from MATWatches, each built to their own unique specifications.

With a winning track record, it comes as little surprise to learn that their latest incarnation demonstrates many signature MAT characteristics that have become synonymous with the brand.

The Groupama Team France Regatta Timer, as the name suggests, is a limited edition watch built for sailing. And it has features we have never before seen on a watch here at Page and Cooper.

MATWatches Groupama Team France Regatta Timer

Based on the MATWatches chronograph case, the watch is characterised by its rock solid mono block 316L steel case, sapphire crystal dial glass and 100m-water resistance – plus a few crucial race-defining differences.  

MATWatches Caseback

In its starting position, the chronograph second hand sits at 2pm. Once activated, it begins a 10-minute countdown where the hand will move from 2pm round the dial, until the last minute where it initiates a beep until the 60 seconds expires.

This unique function is designed with the sole intent to help the team fine tune their preparations in the dying moments before the race begins. It is in these moments that races are either won or lost.

Team France Close Up

Only after this countdown does the watch resume function as a normal chronograph with a 24-hour sub dial.

The movement itself is a Swiss ISA Quartz movement of metal construction; the sort reserved only for high-end quartz watches, and fully serviceable and adjustable.

The steel case is 44mm, and is comparably thin at just 14mm. Interestingly, lug-to-lug measures 48mm making the watch almost square in shape. The clever lug design coupled with the rubber strap makes it a pleasure to have on the wrist.

MATWatches side view

Not content with merely providing a watch purpose built for racing which can simultaneously handle some of the most extreme conditions on earth, MATWatches made sure the new limited edition arrives in equally winning style.

The watch is supplied in a beautiful leather zip travel case with not 1, or 2, but 3 interchangeable straps: 1 navy rubber strap, 1 red rubber strap, and 1 navy tactical canvas strap.

MATWatch in case

As one of the last independent French watchmakers, Page and Cooper are delighted to be a part of the story, and now you can be too.

With a limited run of just 300 pieces, we don’t expect this watch to be available for long.

As ever, do contact us for help and advice should you require it when choosing your timepiece. You can find us on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and YouTube, or simply give us a call.