Military Precision with Marathon

Here at Page and Cooper we seek to represent companies who meet our challenging criteria at ALL price levels. No fancy gimmicks, no boutiques, no devices. The closest you will get to a super model here is of the Airfix, or Dinky variety!

This leads us nicely to the subject of Marathon watches. Since the arrival of Marathon at Page and Cooper last year and subsequent to the impression they made on us in quality terms, we have become their sole authorised European dealer. Working closely with the brand, we are able to offer their stunning watches at the keenest of prices.

Marathon watches 1

We have spent much time on the telephone impressing prospective buyers with the fact that Marathon really are a cut above many other 'military style' tritium watches.

Let us explain why.

Firstly, Marathon really are the 'real deal'. They have been supplying genuine military watches and other equipment to the U.S., Canadian and many other armed forces since D Day and when we say 'equipment' we are talking not only about watches and stop watches. Today, Marathon still supply a twelve-second stop watch used to time torpedo launches for the Canadian navy (we can order these for you if you wish) and they also specialise in high quality binoculars and other optics.

Marathon Watches 3

Being tried and trusted suppliers, Marathon know what military customers need. They have no need to fluff up marketing stories with ‘adventurous’ pictures of military personnel emerging from swamps covered in camouflage. Due to reasons of security, we have received very few photos of Marathon users in action. However, you are more than welcome to visit our showrooms (by prior appointment please) where we would be happy to show you some very special Marathon watches made for armed forces from all over the world.

Marathon watches are still genuinely 100% Swiss made at their own factory in the heart of the Jura Valley. With many components made in-house including their own Tritium tubes, famous for the brilliance of their long lasting illumination. 

Marathon Watches 3

By building to military specifications and in military quantities (usually several thousands), Marathon are able to offer Swiss watches made with a variety of options. Quartz or Automatic, Fibreshell or Stainless steel, genuine rubber or Swiss made metal bracelets. You are able to create the Marathon of your own choice. And, whilst introducing the subject of case size and style because no one military customer will order the same watch as another, each having different requirements, Marathon actually offer a thoughtful choice of options. No manufacturer we know offers a Diver with the option of 46mm, 41mm and 36mm sizes. These options are wholly due to military order variants Marathon have been commissioned with. Another good example is the Jumbo diver. This quartz, superluminova model is built for the Canadian Navy whilst The U.S. Marine Corps specifies an automatic tritium model.

At Page and Cooper we say that every enthusiast should own at least one Marathon in their personal collection.

Look out for our video review (coming soon) of a Marathon Chronograph which we have had the pleasure of wearing on our wrist for the past few months.