Lastest Model Additions to Page and Cooper



The Italians are coming! Some great great models arriving at Page and Cooper very soon. Arguably the last great Alfa Romeo 155 DTM car and perhaps the next the stunning Alfa Romeo 4C in that revolutionary matt lava red paint......and yes it is the actual paint! And if this wasn't excting , scale models of 2 of the most exclusive cars in the World, the mighty Ferrari 599XX EVO and the unbelievable Lamborghini Aventador J.

Autoart 1:18th scale Alfa Romeo 155

At last a fine model of Alfa Romeo's legendary 155 V6 DTM touring car, due for November, pre-order now for the holidays

BBR Models 1:18th scale Alfa Romeo 4C

At last a real Alfa! BBR Models have been involved with the Centro Stile Alfa Romeo from the very start of this amazing mid engine project. All details have been supplied directly from Centro Stile Alfa. A stunning feature of the original concept was the Matt Lava Red colour. The model is painted in the actual original special paint which is actually soft to touch.  

BBR Models 1:18th scale Ferrari 599XX EVO

You need a cool £1.1 million to buy one of these ultimate track day specials, and Ferrari don't even let you take it home!!
We have in stock BBR's new model of the latest Ferrari 599 XX EVO Rosso F1 2007. Limited Edition of 25 pieces this is just as rare as the real thing but you can take this one home.
This entirely new model will feature BBR's new luxury wooden display box.

MR Collection's 1:43 Lamborghini Aventador J

Hand made in Italy by the official supplier to Lamborghini.
Lamborghini’s  Aventador J knocks spots of just about every other concept and supercar.
The Aventador J,a 690bhp, 6.5-litre V12 engine powers all four wheels with racing car-like pushrod suspension.
Up top, though, the J is unlike any other Lamborghini, there’s no roof or windscreen! while the driver and passenger sit in a dramatic split cockpit.
There will only be one owner, though, with the J concept (its name both inspired by the Miura Jota of the 1970s, and ‘Appendix J’ of the FIA’s motorsport rulebook) an absolute one-off. It’s road legal though.

Autoart 1:18th scale Volkswagen Beetle

At last AUTOart have brought their considerable modelling skills to the legendary Volkswagen Beetle. This 1955 version features stunning detail. Photos show the Polaris Silver test model.
All of the recent limited editions from AUTOart sold out before they were even delivered, pre-order now to avoid disappointment