Model cars - just as rare and exclusive as the real thing, only smaller

We thought it was about time that we schooled you, our wonderful friends and customers, about our fine automotive models and why we at Page and Cooper even choose to sell model cars.

Well it’s very simple really.

What matters most to us at Page and Cooper is beauty, fine craftsmanship, accuracy, rarity and of course as we say it’s ‘all about the detail’.

Let us explain to you exactly what we mean.

We specialise in hand-made model cars made in Italy, models of some of the most exotic, rare and exclusive cars.

So let’s take you through the process of how our models are made and how we work with the model makers, to secure for you, our clients, some of these very special models.

Based in the Lombardy region of Italy, which has for many centuries been renowned for fine Italian craftsmanship and style, our model makers have very close working relationships with the most famous car manufacturers in the world. Indeed over the past few years they have earned the cache, ‘technical partners’. This gives them unprecedented access to the top secret design studios of Ferrari. Lamborghini, and Pagani to name but a few. 

They are often consulted at the very early stages of the design process and are shown many design sketches and full size clay prototypes. Why this access? Because, the manufacturers themselves want to display these miniatures next to the real thing at their unveiling at the world’s most prestigious motor shows. 

Why you may ask, does a car maker want a model of their car next to real thing?

Well it’s simple. No photograph, computer image or virtual model can capture the subtle shapes, scale and proportion that a miniature can. That is why, even today, full size clay models are created by hand in every studio so that the designers can evaluate their work.

This close co-operation between designer and model studio gives these handmade models superb accuracy and each has to be signed off by the designer of the real car. As we write, we are waiting for our La Ferrari models to be signed off by Ferrari Centro Stile.

Once the model has been signed off, the hard work begins!!

Using the latest in CAD software and the most modern production techniques, each model is assembled by a small team of expert model makers in laboratory conditions.

The body shells are painted by an expert painter who we know is in fact a renowned classic car restorer. He travels from Switzerland twice a week to paint these cars using the same process and paint as the manufacturers themselves. Note that on the real cars some paint options will cost more than £10,000, and if it says the colour is Giallo Orion, it is Giallo Orion on the model.

Once the models have been painted, it’s time for them to be assembled. And we cannot stress this enough. One model maker can produce just two cars a day… that’s a total of ten cars a week!

These models are true works of art and, importantly for the collector they are rare. Once a model is complete it is mounted on a hand-stitched leather, alcantara or even carbon base and is sometimes available with a perspex display case.

And now, let us explain how we at Page and Cooper place our orders. When a model is announced we are asked how many we want, makers will only produce the initial orders. Once this order is delivered to us the run is complete. Finished! Indeed once a particular colour is used, that colour will never again be repeated.


However we’ll let you into a secret, every Monday, our model makers receive the order sheets from Ferrari and Lamborghini. These sheets contain the exact specifications of every new Ferrari and Lamborghini ordered around the world. These new owners are invited to buy, repeat buy, models of the exact car they have specified. These same models are available from Page and Cooper for the briefest of time periods.

At Page and Cooper we work closely with our clients to build extensive private collections of the rarest models in the world of motoring miniatures.