The New Vintage ModellG Chronograph by Laco

The WOW Factor! German Engineering, German Style, Iconic German Designs,

These are formidable qualities of excellence for which German products are famed and for us at Page and Cooper, these qualities led to a chance, but nonetheless, fascinating discussion which concluded with the germ of an idea for a very special horological project.

The ModellG

watch 1

To begin, there was a renaissance of iconic German engineering, style, music and culture in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Picture in your mind a Green 3.5 litre Schnitzer CSL racing at the Nurburgring. JaboG 36 F4 Phantoms and Deutsche Marine F104 Starfighters, German Air Force jets at low level. Blaupunkt reel-to-reel tape decks and Thorens Turntables.

We thought to ourselves, what watch would a pilot or racing driver of the period have been proud to wear on his wrist. A chronograph would seem an obvious choice, a classic sporty chronograph, but what type? And there the conversation ended....for the time being.

Until…….., whilst scanning through the archives of our good friends Laco, during a visit to the factory in Pforzheim, (eminent German watchmakers at the forefront of horological expertise and excellence since 1925) that we remembered our conversation and the seed of the idea was planted. A Eureka moment!

Many of you, our loyal friends, customers, collectors and bloggers, will already know of the amazing Erbstück ‘heirloom’ watches created by Laco which re-create the patina of classic watches within modern wrist watch design.We began a technical journey far more complex than we at first imagined.

The Laco Erbstück series was first introduced last year and has been highly sought after. Each watch is produced by just one highly skilled specialist at the Pforzheim factory who, by hand, undertakes the technical work and, at the same time, ages every component of the watch individually, thus assuring that each patination is uniform and unique. The Laco Erbstück’s, having proved so popular and with very limited production on each watch, can take up to 3 months to complete.

Whilst the Erbstück patination technique has now been perfected, it has never before been used on a chronograph. Our challenge was to design a beautiful classic watch which would, at the same time, perform to the highest of modern standards.

We like challenging our highly specialised and skilled watchmakers to make something really special and uniquely ours (remember the SINN and Page and Cooper collaboration, the BLU1 which sold out worldwide in just a few hours last year). However, even we underestimated the extra time and skill a chronograph would take. Of course the case and crown were known quantities but we had to ensure that that the pushers would still function time and time again whilst remaining watertight. The Modell G would feature a display back and this display back would also have to be perfectly watertight. The dial would have to be an item for particular attention, together with its sub-dials each element would have to perform particular functions with matching hands. This would be the very first time that an Erbstück watch would have a day/date wheel which had to be removed from the movement and aged to match the dial components.

After setting our particular Page and Cooper challenge to Laco, it’s no wonder that the first prototype took a year of meticulous development to achieve. In fact so complicated was the task, that Laco began to think that the project would turn out to be too costly to put into even niche production. For our part, we thought we might end up with just 1 treasured example of this watchmakers skill. But, if there ever is a company which rises to a technical challenge, it is Laco. After several more months, Laco informed us that they could entertain just perhaps 10 or 15 pieces. Being enthusiasts and having an equally enthusiastic following, we pressed Laco to go the extra mile and we are now able to inform customers that the Page and Cooper Laco Modell G will be a strictly limited run of just 25 pieces Worldwide, exclusive to us. Laco have assured us that the Modell G will never be repeated and there will be a Certificate of authenticity signed by themselves and Page and Cooper.

Each uniquely patinated watch will be presented in a wooden suede lined box with brass fittings, there will be an Italian made leather vintage strap with matching aged buckle and also a complete set of alternative Page and Cooper heat bonded NATO straps.

At Page and Cooper we always strive to make our limited editions extra special and, for the Modell G Laco Chronograph we have commissioned renowned illustrator Guy Allen to make a unique, quality A3 print celebrating the influences of the Modell G in true period fashion. If you are not familiar with Guy’s work then do check out his website. He counts among his clients, Classic and Sports Car Magazine, Ford Goodwood Lotus Motor Sport Magazine Penguin Books Porsche Sarolea Motorcycles Singer Vehicle Design Top Gear, and Toyota.


Each print will be signed and numbered to match each watch and will NOT be available separately.

So there you have it. A unique vintage inspired chronograph that has its own story to tell and which enjoys exemplary modern performance. We hope you will enjoy wearing this project as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

Orders are open now with the first delivery expected Summer 2018.