MR Collection and Look Smart, the latest editions to the Page and Cooper family


Northern Italy has been known for centuries as an area with a tradition of fine craftsmanship. Therefore it’s no accident that many of the finest model makers in the World are located just a short drive from Milan and Lake Como.

MR Collection Models are based in Gerenzano, a small Italian town near Lake Como. It is at MR Collection that this legacy of hand craftsmanship meets the latest in 3D computer technology.

Employing just 30 people, MR Collection have, since 1980, produced amongst the finest hand-built model cars in 1:43 scale, under the Look Smart label, and in 1:18 scale.

MR Collection are the chosen scale model partner of many of the World’s most prestigious manufacturers when they launch a brand new car.

MR Collection models have been proudly displayed alongside their full size counterparts at many a World Debut.

Lamborghini Reventon Frankfurt 2009

Lamborghini Reventon Spider Geneva 2010

Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera

Ferrari 599 GTO at the Ferrari World Premier in April 2010

To name just a few.

MR Collection are official licensees for Ferrari, Lamborghini, Alfa Romeo, Audi, Volkswagen, Bentle, Bugatti and Porsche. They are given exclusive access to many secret car projects throughout the design process.

It is this exclusive access that allows them to create the finest of recreations that have to stand close scrutiny, being only a few yards away from the real thing.


Today’s master model maker must be competent in three dimensional computer design skills to ‘scale down’ the original subject. From this original starting point the master moulds are made.

However this is where the work begins. It’s at this stage that the experienced eye of the master craftsmen comes onto play.

An exact scaled down version of the model may look clumsy and fail to convey the real shape and ‘feel’ of the original. So a sense of proportion and scale is necessary at this stage.

At Page and Cooper we think one of the most important areas of scale modeling is the ‘life’ that a skilled painter can bring to a miniature. Often MR Collection models are painted in exactly the same paint as the original car (some of these paint choices can be an option running to many thousands of pounds on the real car). In addition there are many ingenious technical tricks and artful dodges that only a skilled painter can achieve.

The principal painter at MR Collection works in clinically sterile and absolutely dust-free rooms. These would not disgrace many a factory standard paint room. In fact MR Collection’s painter (whose skills are in demand on many car restorations) travels from Tessin in Switzerland every day to the factory to wield the spray gun and give MR Collection models their unequalled luxurious finish of 5 paint coats.

With these vital skills, MR Collection can create their masterpieces. Many models have well over 100 pieces including photo-etching, decals and white metal parts. Even windows are produced in very fine acetate of 0.1 mm thickness. This gives an incomparable realistic effect, attached with a bespoke glue that is a totally transparent and it leaves no traces of any glue that could ‘blemish’ a lesser model.

MR Collection has become synonymous with the new breed of luxury model maker. Think of their work as the modern equivalent of one of the great court jewelers in history.

At Page and Cooper we offer only the finest of models and are proud to welcome MR Collection to our portfolio.

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