World Exclusive an Extensive Preview of the New 44mm Squale Master

Swiss watchmakers Squale are not in a hurry. For more than sixty years they have been the choice of true dive watch connoisseurs. With very little advertising and just a few trusted dealers worldwide Squale have never seen the reason for a ‘Hard Sell’.

Squale Master 44MM

So, when Squale announce a new model, it is major news!

Nothing is rushed at Squale, but quietly and without fuss a new Squale Master has slowly been evolving over the last five years.

Squale watches are lovingly put together in a small workshop in the Swiss Alps by a small but extremely skilled, highly experienced and dedicated team of watchmakers. The new Squale Master will be introduced onto the market by a limited edition of 300 pieces. Each watch will be made to order and will feature a very special movement designed in collaboration with Dubois-Depraz the complication manufacturer based in Switzerland’s famous Vallee de Joux. (You can read about the company via this link). Dubois-Depraz manufacture complications for some of the world’s most exclusive watchmakers including Breitling, Omega, Jaeger-Lecoultre, Rolex, Patek-Philippe, Audmars Piguet and Richard Mille. Enough said?

Squale’s new Master is based upon the well regarded ETA 2892/A2. Highly decorated with perlage and gilt finishing and modified with a date window in the 12 o’clock position, it also boasts the addition of a power reserve indicator.

Applied indices bezels of the 1960’s (as featured in our recently introduced original Vintage Master limited edition) are notoriously difficult and expensive to make. In fact, many of the skills required to make bezels like these now only remain with specialist restorers. 

Modern dive watch bezels have either printed or engraved bezel markers which are easy to mass produce. Bezels with applied indices are far more difficult and take a huge amount of skill, with each stainless steel marker applied, coloured and polished by hand. This intricate bezel is then sealed using a unique insert which has been, and is again, tested extensively for true diving performance in salt water and it is UV resistant.

Squale Master 44MM watch

In true Squale fashion the dial is very beautiful and functional. The polished markers sparkle in sunlight in a unique and striking way and finally the bezel is adjusted with Squale’s original ‘press to release’ bi-directional bezel.

To differentiate this watch from our own 39mm Vintage Master, the new Master is a more contemporary 44mm size and it is available in a number of fresh and interesting colour and case combinations, as we like to say, ‘no one does colour and style quite like Squale’. The case, Swiss made by Squale, is constructed from either polished 316L stainless steel or, for the first time, Marine Bronze sourced from one of Italy’s most famous shipyards. The Squale bronze is untreated and as such, each watch will acquire its own unique patina over the wearer’s lifetime.

And now we move on to colour. At Page and Cooper we have a saying; ‘Everyone falls in love with a Squale’ and of course the new Master is no exception. The watch is available as a black dial with black bezel, blue ‘sunray’ dial with blue bezel, grey dial with grey bezel and an emerald green dial with emerald green bezel. Although all the combinations are great, the emerald green has stunned all of us here in the office and the grey and bronze twinning is a joy to behold. The polished watch hands are made, as you would expect, in Neuchatal and they are filled with superluminova C3 as are the 6 and 12 markers on the bezel.

Finally, the new Squale Master features an Italian-made perforated strap which is a new treatment of stitched rubber with a leather feel. It is securely attached by fixed bars.

If our international emails are anything to go by, watch fans all over the world are waking up to the wonderful history and provenance of Squale. Technically, aesthetically, historically and horologically, Squale rank amongst the finest dive watches in the world. Be there at the birth of the New Squale Master! 

You can watch our latest video on the new 44m Squale Master below: