Bravo! The new Automatic Autodromo Stradale

A frisson of excitement always pervades the Page and Cooper offices when we hear that Bradley Price, founder of Officene Autodromo, is announcing the arrival of a brand new flagship timepiece. The Autodromo ‘Stradale’ has just been announced at California’s ‘Concorso Italiano’, Monterey’s celebrated Classic Car event. 

Autodromo Stradale

Stradale, from the Italian ‘roadgoing’, brings to mind the era of the Gran Turismo when motoring was infinitely more pleasurable than today’s driving from one motorway to the next. Every motoring opportunity was a pleasure for all the senses, winding tree lined roads, mountain passes, ascents and descents and all accompanied by the throb of a powerful engine, the occasional whiff of petrol and the smell, and comfort of fine leather.

The inspiration for the design of the ‘Autodromo Stradale' comes from the dashboard instruments of Italian sports cars of the 1950’s/1960’s. The watch has an intriguing multi-layered dial and beneath a domed sapphire crystal, the hour indices are applied to a transparent glass ring which floats above the coloured dial giving a 3D effect. The watch strap is customised to the watch and is made of leather evoking the luxurious interiors of cars of the period. Autodromo’s beautiful new watch comes in three colour ways: cream dial with brown leather strap, black dial with burgundy leather strap and grey dial with blue leather strap.

Autodromo Stradale Black

Interestingly, the Autodromo Stradale is powered by a Japanese 24 jewel movement. It is attractively finished and is displayed within a sapphire exhibition case back. Each watch is beautifully packaged in a way that conjures up the vision of a road trip in the north of Italy in the 1960’s. The box even contains an authentic road map of the period. Bradley Price of Autodromo was a successful industrial designer living in New York before he decided to create his own watch brand and at every point of design his influence is apparent.

Autodromo Stradale Back


Bradley said; “We created the Stradale to make an emotional connection to a golden period of motoring.” He went on to say; “The design inspiration came from the iconic age of GT cars. It was a time when Grand Touring cars blended outright performance with a high level of luxury, comfort and style. The Stradale watch is designed to encapsulate these qualities and provide a vessel by which the owner can connect to that time period and that feeling when he, or she, wears the watch. It’s the ultimate watch for the gentleman, or lady, driver”.

Autodromo Stradale Grey

The Stradale is the second Autodromo watch to feature a mechanical automatic movement. It follows the success of its predecessor, the now sold out limited edition of the Monoposto, a watch which has now achieved cult status.

Jonathan Bordell of Page and Cooper and Bradley Price of Autodromo work in close personal co-operation to bring you, our genuine watch collectors, the very latest, and the very best, on the scene. 


The Autodramo Stradale is now available for pre-order at Page and Cooper