NTH DevilRay Deep Six. A Very Limited Edition.

We’ve got something really special and really unique to share with you, a very limited edition of NTH Watches DevilRay Diver, a run of just 15 pieces.

At Page and Cooper, we like to say it’s all about the detail and if you want a watchmaker who goes into real detail then take a look at our good friend Chris Vail from NTH Watches. In fact let him tell the story of the DevilRay.


The genesis of the DevilRay was that we wanted to make our own no-holds-barred, extreme tool-watch diver. Of course, we’d take inspiration from vintage sources, but we wanted it to also be a design-statement for the NTH brand, our “Halo” model, which would show the world, definitively, what we can conceive and create. The name “DevilRay” was chosen for the namesake animal’s deep-depth hunting range. The majority of their diet consists of animals which live between 200m and 1000m deep.

Case – The basic turtle-shape silhouette and bifurcated bezel lead many to see it as an homage to the vintage Doxa divers, and we did take some inspiration there. But we took equal inspiration from the Certina DS-3 ph1000m, the Seiko Sumo, the Orient Somes, and some Grand Seikos. We wanted to take the turtle-shape footprint of the Doxa and the aggressive profile of the Certina, and refine them both into a more organic, flowing shape. To do that, we reduced the height of the Certina by recessing the bezel into the case (a la Seiko Sumo), and increased the width, length and lug-width of the Doxa, then added the swooping “wings” and upswept under-belly of the Orient Somes/Grand Seiko. As a result, the DevilRay wears thinner than either the Doxa or the Certina. The contours of the case’s belly make it hug the wrist comfortably. The wider stance of the 22mm lugs (compared to Doxa’s 20mm), combined with the slightly longer lug length and broader case width, yet with a 40mm bezel diameter, all make it feel a bit more “sleek”.

Bezel/Crown - The saw-tooth edge of the bezel is angled to maximize grip while turning the bezel counter-clockwise, and is matched with the saw-tooth grip of the crown, where the teeth face the opposite way, to aid gripping while winding, clockwise. The bezel has both a fully-metered 60 minute count-up scale (in stainless steel), for measuring decompression stops while diving, and a 12-hour “poor-man’s GMT” scale (in top-grade DLC), for tracking a second time zone. Both scales are fully lumed, with Tritec of Switzerland’s new X1-grade Superluminova, which glows brighter and longer than standard Superluminova. Of course, the signed crown logo is also lumed, as it is in all NTH models. We commissioned Tritec to make a custom-recipe mix of pigments, which would appear to be metallic gray in the daylight, but surprise the owner by glowing green or blue at night, that glow color to match the color of the bezel’s glow (it’s all green on the DevilRay, but with other models, it might be blue or green, according to the bezel lume color). Although other brands also lume their crowns, to my knowledge we are the only ones using a custom metallic-pigment mix for that application.

close up

Dial – The theme for the dial was “’70’s Sci-Fi”. We wanted the dramatic interplay of concentric circles and outward-radiating lines, like the Omega Dynamic, Omega Chronostop, Eterna Super KonTiki, Enicar Sherpa. The Deep Six dial is unique within the DevilRay range in that it has both a radial-sunburst pattern and “fume” color-fade, but omits the multi-colored depth-gauge around the dial’s perimeter in the other versions, in favour of the dark blue minute track. We omitted that depth gauge as we thought it would clash with/detract from the dial’s dazzling blue color. The minute track is an upward-curved “quarter-pipe” with cut-outs for the hour indices. Of course the hands and hour markers also use the new X1 lume. The standard colorways were matte Orange, matte Turquoise, sunray Black/Gray, and sunray Silver/White. Additionally, we did 3 special colorways, a 15-piece LE for WatchGauge, a 50-piece “DevilFox” version for Watch Wonderland, and the 25-piece Deep Six, now a P&C-exclusive.

Hands - Although the hands are not exactly “PloProf”, their proportions and coloring, especially as they relate to the applied hour indices, were PloProf-inspired. Note that (aside from the orange dial, which has a black-framed minute hand), the minute hand is framed in orange, whereas the hour hand is uncoated stainless, to match the frames of the hour indices. These are all traits shared with the iconic Omega. Refer to the attached image - note that the syringe-tip of the hour hand precisely overlaps the lines extending from the hour indices. Likewise, note the inner, angular shape of the minute hand echoes the outer shape of the hour hand’s tip, and that line in the minute hand also precisely overlaps these lines. Note the lume patch of the seconds hand also precisely overlaps these lines, and the painted tip of the seconds hand exactly matches the length of each our marker. Note that the outer corners of the pointed tip of the minute hand precisely trace the edge of the minute track.


Bracelet – The custom-designed, 5-link “Stingray” bracelet is inspired by tank treads, but the polished center-links were meant to evoke the thin tail of the DevilRay, as well as the thin center-links of the bracelet on the vintage Certina DS-2, as well as the downward sloping lines of Panerai bracelets. Every link in the bracelet is removable via a single screw-bar. Combined with the ratcheting diver’s expansion clasp, everyone should be able to find a good, comfortable fit. The clasp is fully brushed, and signed with the NTH logo, of course.

So there you have it, the details of the very special NTH DevilRay Deep Six Limited Edition of just 15 pieces exclusive to Page and Cooper, now to be clear at the time of typing we are already sold a few pieces and are already into single figures so if you do want one of these very charismatic, supremely well built and very rare dive watches then we really urge you don’t delay. In stock and ready to ship!

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