Off The Cuff – An Evening of Timeless Fashion and Stunning Timepieces

Page and Cooper Off The Cuff Event

With the success of the A Stitch in Time event it was always a question of 'when' not 'if' we would again collaborate with our dear friend Timothy Everest MBE to bring about a subsequent event. 

Before long, the Off the Cuff event was pencilled in our diaries. An informal, yet opulent evening of modern watchmaking and bespoke tailoring, at Timothy Everest's stylish new concept store on Shoreditch's Redchurch Street.

It was not by accident that members of the Damasko family from Germany, Laco from Pforzheim, Vulcain from Switzerland and Marathon from Canada joined us in London for this very special event.

Special, why special? You may say. Well, some of the brands had never taken part in an event outside their home country. And, in Marathon’s case, they had never done an event at all!  At Page and Cooper we like to bring you exclusives!

Now of course, it would have sufficed to showcase this exciting collection of watches in a salesroom. But the stylish multi-tiered space, with its floor-to-ceiling window front, was a far superior choice.

We enjoy nothing more than introducing our clients and friends to the watchmakers, whose timepieces they admire. It is always an honour to give collectors, like yourself, the rare opportunity to speak face-to-face with the creators, and to handle the latest timepieces before anyone else. So that is precisely what we did.

With aged Balvenie whiskey to sup at their leisure, guests studied Timothy Everest’s exquisite outfits in earnest. Since the man himself had taken the time to expertly pair the garments with the perfect timepiece, it was the best possible opportunity to pick up some professional styling tips.

Christoph and Isabella, of the amazingly talented Damasko family attended together with their senior watchmaker Rene. Having made the journey from Germany to London’s chicest district, they delighted us with demonstrations which exercised their famed technical prowess. 

Page and Cooper Off The Cuff Event

Their near indestructible ice-hardened cases were put to the test, for example, as were their in-house movements. Rene delighted in allowing guests to stretch the Damasko EPS hairspring to its full length, which would typically destroy any watch without unique Damasko silicone technology; only for it to pop neatly back into it original shape, as though nothing had happened. Knowledgeable watch fans were duly impressed. 

Laco arrived fresh from Pforzheim, to showcase their entire range of Erbstück, or heirloom pieces, for the very first time; on wooden display boards, which made them look all the more appealing. To our knowledge, these ‘aged’ watches are total one-offs, almost indistinguishable from the originals. They were, as it happens, one of several exclusives at the Off the Cuff extravaganza.

Page and Cooper Off The Cuff Event

Reinterpreted 1940s Classic Fliegers, complete with a ‘relic’ finish and patina, sat among them. Available in 42mm or 45mm, with automatic or manual winds, they were a huge hit with the assembled company whom truly appreciated innovation; much to the delight of Laco and ourselves.

Better yet, Laco also introduced us to their new Classic Watch colours; vivid blue, vibrant green, and luxuriously rich brown, which were very smart and contemporary.

We had an exclusive appearance from Marathon, who had never before taken part in an event outside of Canada.

Page and Cooper Off The Cuff Event

You would have found them up on the Mezzaine level, with a stunning display of walking boots, bespoke clothes and the toughest of timepieces arranged on an island stand. The watches comply with the strictest of requirements and specifications, after all.

The brand must be one of the watch industry’s best kept secrets, despite furnishing the military since 1939. Everyone from the U.S. Government, the Government of Canada, and the British Government, to the Israel Defence Forces and the Saudi Forces choose to wear Marathon upon their wrists. These watches are renowned for their accuracy and reliability under the most extreme circumstances.

It was an honour that Mitchell Wien, great grandson of Marathon founder Herschel Wien who established this watchmaking dynasty in 1904, attended our Off the Cuff event. Friends and customers were amazed by the stories of how these value-for-money watches have come to be chosen by so many armed forces around the world.

Finally, Vulcain treated us to their latest Baselworld releases; including the in-house President’s Tradition watch, with enhanced power reserve and separate alarm sub dial at 4 o’clock.

Page and Cooper Off The Cuff Event

It was their 39mm 50’s Presidents Heritage, with its Guilloche electric blue enamel dial, which drew our appreciative gaze. The hand-applied colour has a depth and vibrancy which has to be seen to be believed. With only 30 pieces available worldwide, you need to act quickly.

Passion and commitment, it must be said, is alive and well at Vulcain.

The calibre of the tailoring and watches at Off the Cuff, combined with exclusive audiences with some of the industry’s most sort after watchmakers, made for a truly unforgettable evening.

So unforgetable, in fact, that you can relive the event at your pleasure, by watching the video below: