Official Service Centre for Sinn in the UK

Sinn servicing

Passionate in my love of watches I founded Page and Cooper to serve the interests of like-minded enthusiasts. We sell thousands of watches every year and our passion and fascination for the art and craft of horology never diminishes, it just grows stronger.

We love sharing our passion for watches with customers old and new and it is our wish that customers enjoy their watches to the full for many years to come. We fly and drive thousands of miles to search out what we know are some of the most intriguing and value for money watch collections anywhere in the world. We always welcome both UK and overseas visitors to our showroom to view and purchase our fascinating collection.

Sinn servicing

Over the past few years, we have built up a close and personal working relationship with Sinn Spezialuhren in Frankfurt. We visit the company at least twice a year to ensure that we understand exactly what makes each and every one of their watches special. From the use of special materials, the way the timepieces are constructed, and the way in which they are individually designed for special missions, like the Sinn 212 KSK for the Kommando Spezialkräfte (Special Forces Command) and different professions, like the Sinn 103 Ti IFR Tested and certified to the German standard for Pilot Watches DIN 8330.

We know most of the craftsmen at Sinn by their first names and work closely with them. Chances are if you order a Sinn watch from us we will know the watchmaker who is constructing it and can liaise with them. In this way, we can offer a degree of customisation to each and every customer.

Page and Cooper are extremely proud to announce today that Sinn have appointed us Official Service Centre for Sinn Spezialuhren in the UK This step has led us to make a considerable investment in time, money, training and of course technical machinery and equipment but we think it is worth it. Absolutely.

No longer will there be a need to send your Sinn all the way to Frankfurt for service. We are trained and equipped to handle Sinn technologies from AR dehumidifying technologies to diapal to schematic instructions in using Sinn's own formulation of oils.  Please note that whilst Sinn use movements from ETA and Selita they are all manufactured in Switzerland to the Company's specification and tolerances and use Sinn’s unique oils. All watches are covered, from the beloved Sinn 556 series to the mighty Sinn Meisterbund.

All Page and Cooper work will be recorded by Sinn in Frankfurt and we will apply improvements and revisions as devised and authorised by Sinn. These will be incorporated into each and every watch received by us for servicing.

So, now you will be able to relax knowing that your Sinn watch is being cared for by our dedicated team close to home without the expense and worry of shipping and the duty that will become inevitable as Great Britain leaves the European Union.

Sinn servicing

To finish there are two very important facts we should like to bring to your attention.
The considerable investment we have made in Sinn servicing has not only allowed us to offer unrivaled service. More importantly, you, our esteemed customers and friends have helped us to create and invest in new British jobs.

If you would like your Sinn watch serviced, then please contact us today.