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Those of you who follow our blog will have read our introduction to DuBois et fils last week. They are a brand with an incredible history and a frankly outrageous eye for detail and quality. Now we are pleased to be able to share with you an in-depth conversation with Thomas Steinemann, owner of DuBois et fils.

There’s a huge distinction between ‘vintage’ and ‘historic’ watches – the latter isn’t merely about style and aesthetic, but genuine heritage and pedigree. DuBois et fils, you understand, are the only watch brand that have manufactured timepieces continuously for 265 uninterrupted years.

Historic DuBois

As Thomas admits, like many brands the last 60 to 70 years or so have not been so successful, however one look at the new watches and you can be sure this trend is about to reverse.  

Shot of the DuBois et fils collection

It seems fitting to start with the DBF001, after all it is the first of the new collection. As Thomas so articulately puts it, “we want to make a luxury watch, but we don’t want to show the luxury. The luxury is in the detail.” Let’s take a look at those details: 

The case is made up of 5 separate parts, each polished separately to create the desired effect.

DuBois technical drawings

The dial is teeming with small intricacies, one of the joys of owning a DBF001 is that it constantly surprises you - every time you get up close and personal with the watch, you notice something new, which never ceases to delight. The tiny handcrafted numeral segments at 3, 6 and 9, for example, are delicately placed as they are for dramatic effect.

Close up of DuBois piece

Even the screws on the back of the watch are designed to resemble the DuBois et fils logo – a curiously delightful detail which is sure to be a talking point.

DuBois screws in detail

Of course, their attention to detail and watchmaking prowess extend beyond the cosmetic. The rare historic movement found in the DBF004 is no exception. A vintage inspired and vintage powered watch, the movement is an enigma to even the most seasoned watchmakers.

DuBois movement

A movement produced in the 1950’s, the Record 662 has been completely rebuilt and improved by DuBois et fils. Just 297 will ever exist – what a great opportunity to own something so rare, and in a great looking watch to boot.

DuBois wrist shot

DuBois et fils, a watch company with a rich history, a passionate owner and a forward-thinking plan to shake up the luxury watch market. Definitely One to Watch.