One to Watch: The Unique Insights of Paul Maudsley

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Have you seen our latest episode of One to Watch?

The episode focuses on Autodromo and includes an exclusive interview with Bradley Price, as well as exploring the long running relationship between watches and motorsport.

Adding his expert opinion to the discussion is Paul Maudsley, our good friend and the UK Director and International Watch Specialist for Phillips Auction House.

Paul has a wealth of knowlegde about wristwatches; which he's accumulated since the age of 13. That, combined with his obvious passion for cars, is why we're particularly keen to introduce him to you. 

Several scenes, you’ll notice, were filmed in Paul’s garage, next to his pride and joy, a Ferrarri 365BB.

page and cooper autodromo

“I think the link between watches and cars has always been strong since, really, the 1920s. It was really when car designs and gentlemen racers were using chronographs to time their events”, Maudsley explains.

Paul’s keen eye is responsible for sourcing the finest quality timepieces in the world; and consequently, he’s handled over 30,000 exquisite models in his career.

It’s fair to say that every piece in his private collection must have made a mark and stood out from a truly remarkable crowd, given the vast choice available to him. He’s known to choose watches regardless of the brand or people’s perception of value.

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In this episode, Maudsley shares in depth knowledge on some of his favourite timepieces; his 1955 Rolex Chronograph 6234 (the grandfather of the Daytona), his vintage Breitling, and his almost unique Mulco Prima.

autodromo page and cooper

However, he also makes his passion for Autodromo timepieces clear; he owns four watches already and expresses a keen desire to expand his collection. It’s truly a joy to see the Autodromo Stradale on the table, and being analysed, under the same umbrella as the aforementioned classic pieces.

Initially, he admits, he was particularly intrigued by the creative passion of Bradley, Autodromo’s creator. But then the design cues, which reflect romantic eras of motor racing, and the overall build quality and attention to detail, provided the final encouragement for Paul to order one.

In fact, such was his desire to own an Autodromo watch, that he told us, “I didn’t really think of the price; to be honest... I ordered one without even knowing the price.”

autodromo page and cooper

To see what all the fuss is about and to find out more about Paul Maudley’s personal collection, enjoy our latest episode of ‘One to Watch’; even the most discerning watch collectors among you will learn a thing or two.