Page and Cooper and the Toyota GT86 Drive

 Page and Cooper and Toyota

As I am sure the petrol-heads amongst you will agree, there are few things more pleasurable than going for that cherished Sunday morning drive.

Maybe it’s your favourite car, or that motorbike you have lovingly restored over months; with the freedom of the open road, and a few of your best mates, and maybe even a beautiful timepiece on your wrist, you find your nirvana.

Toyota GB wanted to capture the spirit of the open road in their latest film, featuring six of their fantastic GT86 road cars, dressed in historically important liveries which evoke important vehicles throughout their rich history in motor racing. Their destination: the beautiful Norfolk coast. 

Page and Cooper and Toyota

When we were asked to provide their drivers with some fitting timepieces for the adventure, we were only too thrilled, and immediately set about curating a focused collection which were to embody the spirit of the drive, which we accompanied them on.

So, on a foggy morning, we matched up the drivers and cars with their watches, and hit the road.

Page and Cooper and Toyota

The cross-pollination between motorsport and fine watchmaking is conveyed perhaps no more potently than through Autodromo’s designs. The Group B was therefore an obvious choice, its dial evoking the minimalist and space-age dashboards of 1980s Group B rally cars.

Autodromo Group B

The Vulcain Nautical Seventies in orange is a colourful tribute to their dive watches of the 1970s, complete with a nautical decompression chart, and Cricket mechanical alarm. Whilst designed for the depths, the vintage inspired racing strap and domed hesalite crystal gifts the watch some classic racing pedigree.

Vulcain Nautical Seventies

Damasko’s DA46 Black features the company’s proprietary black hardened Damest Coating, which is ionised to be stable and impact resistant, and applied in composite layers through the case finishing process. All of this means you have one incredibly tough and meticulously engineered timepiece which flies under the radar, albeit with a vibrant yellow flourish of colour.

Damasko DA46 Black

Hanhart’s Racemaster GTF is at home on the circuit, with its flyback mechanism that allows for instantaneous reset of the chronograph function whilst it remains running. An ideal instrument for measuring lap times on track weekends.

Hanhart Racemaster GTF

And finally, Fortis’ Classic Cosmonauts chronograph excelled with its tachymeter bezel crafted from solid ceramic, allowing one to measure speed over time intervals. Sporty orange hues adorn the timing indicators, but screw-down chronograph pushers complete the classic look and feel of the watch.

Fortis Classic Cosmonauts chronograph

For Toyota, the GT86 is the culmination of decades of revolutions in performance and technology, and throughout the day, the six liveries served as a triumphant reminder of Toyota’s automotive evolution.

I couldn’t help but feel that our watches were worn with the same affection and understanding.

Years and years of passion and innovation have allowed our watchmakers to perfect their products. References to classic design features adorn the dials and cases, but every timepiece incorporates years of technological refinements, and on the drive they more than matched the pace of the GT86.

You can watch the full film below, and if you would like to get your hands on one of the watches featured, then please contact us.