Page and Cooper Interviews Andrea Maggi, MD of Squale Watches

Talking about the history of Squale and the unique relationship they share with Page and Cooper, MD Andrea Maggi dives into what it is that makes Squale watches tick to this day.

Squale have become synonymous with Swiss precision watches that are at home beneath the waves. Originally appearing on the cases of various Swiss diving watches as early as the 1950’s, the Squale 'Shark' marque quickly became a benchmark brand for divers all over the world. 

The success of this pioneering level of craftsmanship in the 60’s led founder C. Von Büren to place the Squale seal of quality on every watch he produced, and thus, Squale as we know it was born.

Squale’s inimitable roots see the watch maker enjoying the same success in 2014 as it has done for decades.