Page and Cooper Interviews Mikael Sandström, CEO and Watch Engineer, Halda Watches

Throughout the history of mankind, we have learnt that in order to progress, we must first challenge ourselves. We must hold the lessons we have learnt close, and strive to push our understanding into new territories.

We have learnt that without innovation, we simply cannot evolve.

Halda Space Discovery

It is therefore the responsibility of those brave enough to challenge convention to lead us forward. Lead not by the bravery of the blind, but by confidence, discipline and precision.

Add to that an absolute absence of compromise, and that is the vision of Halda Watches.

Stepping into the greatest unknown of all, the Halda Space Discovery features two interchangeable time modules that serve to bridge the gap between what we know here on earth, and what we can learn from venturing beyond the safety of our atmosphere.

Instant access to local times in 192 countries, a G-force sensor, backlight adjusting light sensor and NASA certified construction materials are just a handful of the innovative features on display.

An instrument that redefines what a watch is capable of, the 120 year old Halda philosophy of zero compromise is still very much alive.