Page and Cooper Pre-Owned Watches

At Page and Cooper we love the watch brands that we have chosen to represent and we want each and every watch that we sell to have a long and happy life.

That life may involve more than one owner and so we always try to have a small but intriguing selection of pre-owned watches for sale.

Page and Cooper Pre-owned watches

Now, the title ‘pre owned’ needs a little clarification. Whilst some of the watches will have been owned by customers, others will have been used for display, photography or photo shoots. We will note this in the description we give.

However, one important fact to remember is that we will only re-sell watches that we ourselves have sold from new. This way we can be sure of each watch’s provenance and individual history. And rest assured that any watch we offer for resale will have been, as a matter of course, thoroughly inspected, and pressure tested in our servicing department. If necessary, a watch will additionally be returned to the manufacturer for a full Page and Cooper service before re-sale. 

Our intention is to offer you a watch which will perform like new and will carry our own one year guarantee (or the balance of the manufacturer’s warranty). 

At Page and Cooper, we sell unique and individual watch brands and we want customers past, present and future to know that there is a place where they can not only buy but also sell their watches. Demand often outstrips supply and we are happy to have watches back ‘home’ with us.

Page and Cooper watches

So if you are looking for a watch but are new to our brands or have seen one that may be out of your budget (easy payment options are available) keep an eye on our pre-owned section. It will be one of the few places where you will find these unique watches at an attractive price with full aftersales support. Alternatively, if you are already one of our customers but are hankering for a change then do let us know. It may be possible to work out an advantageous deal for you.

Finally, always remember that at Page and Cooper we love what we do. Customers become friends because they share our passion and if you have any questions, or the watch that you want does not currently appear in our pre-owned section, then do drop us a line. It would also be worthwhile letting us know if you are seeking that particular ‘holy grail’ watch. We are ourselves on waiting lists for certain models from Squale, Sinn, Autodromo to name just a few and we can let you know as soon as a new delivery arrives.