Page and Cooper Feature in Timothy Everest Bespoke House

We’ve known Jonathan at Page and Cooper for about three years now. We first met when he visited our bespoke house in Spitalfields for a fitting one afternoon, and we got chatting over a cup of tea. We inevitably started talking about craftsmanship, design and heritage, discussing the similarities between bespoke tailoring and fine watches. It soon became clear Jonathan would become my watch guru, whilst I would advise him on what cut he should be going for in a suit, or which cloth would work well for a summer blazer. It was the perfect pairing.

Each time we met, Jonathan was sporting a different timepiece on his wrist and he started introducing me to a variety of watch brands which were rich in heritage, but relatively unknown here in the UK; it felt like I had insider knowledge, like I was part of an exclusive club, which is a similar feeling our customers have when they invest in a bespoke garment.

I’m fascinated with heritage and story-telling so when I hear anecdotes, like how Hanhart watches came to bear the red chronograph pusher, I get a buzz of excitement. I then regale the stories to friends, family and clients. It wasn’t just me who was intrigued, those who I was talking to were too.

At the same time, Jonathan was getting a flurry of compliments on his Timothy Everest bespoke suits, and he started educating his clients and friends about the art of bespoke, sending them in the direction of our Elder Street House in Spitalfields.

We realised the time was right (excuse the pun) to formalise this partnership, and get our customers involved in the conversation. It may have taken many months of planning over numerous cups of tea, multiple sandwiches and maybe a beer or two, but we’ve now arrived at our final destination, which we are excited to share with you.

Over the coming months we will be hosting Page and Cooper at our Elder Street Bespoke House and Bruton Place store in Mayfair. Each month Page and Cooper will be showcasing a different watch brand, carefully curating a selection of key pieces from each range. To coincide with this, we will be styling a number of looks revolving around the various watches, showing you how to wear them on a day-to-day basis, as well as more formal occasions.

We like things to be relaxed, so although appointments aren’t necessary if you would like to speak to myself or Jonathan in particular it’s best to contact us in advance so we can make sure we are on hand to answer all of your questions.

Our partnership extends beyond this static showcase, we will be collaborating on a number of special projects too. For example, Jonathan has commissioned a unique cycling jacket with special watch feature (watch this space), whilst I have been advising him on colour stories for some exciting exclusives.

For all the latest updates, follow the Page and Cooper or Timothy Everest Facebook pages.