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A fine watch should be amongst one’s most treasured possessions and with the correct care and professional attention, will give a lifetime of pleasure. A watch is also one of the items often lovingly handed down from one generation to the next. At Page and Cooper, we have invested heavily in our very own Service Centre and we have extensive knowledge of all types and makes of watches dating back many years.

During 2015 we carried out many watch services and restorations, not only on watches that we represent and sell, but also other interesting pieces. We use this article to highlight particular examples showing how we are able to keep beloved timepieces working to best performance standards.

Page and Cooper Watch Servicing

Many readers will be familiar with the watch blog Hodinkee. In March of 2015, we read a letter to the Editor from Charles Conn, CEO of the Rhodes Trust in Oxford. In his letter Charles highlighted the problems of having his vintage watches serviced. Despite visiting many 'exclusive' and upscale boutiques in London, in an effort to have his 1960's Breitling Chronomat serviced, he was unable to find anyone who was able to offer a knowledgeable and efficient service. In fact, he was told that the watch needed to be returned to Switzerland for a minimum of 6 months.

Fortunately, some kind soul referred Charles to us and, of course, we were able to service his fine watch to our own exacting standards within a few weeks and at reasonable cost. We rang Charles after a few months to see if he was happy with the work we had carried out and indeed he was. Some say that 'silence is golden' and the fact that he had not contacted us himself was proof enough that his beloved Chronomat was performing well and he had no need to trouble us.

But, it isn't always best for us to look after your watch. Let's examine the case of our friend John's much loved Sinn 156 Chronograph. John, a very experienced watch journalist, had bought this watch some five years before from a contact. He was unsure of both the provenance of the watch and when it had last been serviced. He contacted us for help and we agreed on his behalf to liaise with Sinn in Frankfurt.

Why not carry out the service in our own workshops? Well, for several reasons. Firstly because we knew that Sinn have extensive spares for the now discontinued Lemania 5100 movement. John also wanted the patina of the watch, acquired over the years, retained. We gave Sinn particular instructions in these respects and also asked that they should not change the hands, dial or date window. In addition, whilst Sinn had the watch, they were able to both verify its history and create a factory service record for the future.

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And so, for each and every watch that is entrusted to our care, we take great pains to find a solution to every problem that both suits you and enables you to enjoy your precious timepiece for further years to come.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want to find out more about our Servicing and Aftersales Care.

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