Page and Cooper Welcomes Damasko Watches

5 1 3 2 4 At Page and Cooper we like to keep close to the cutting edge of watch evolution and we are recognised as specialists in the the field of German watch making.    Famed for their technical and engineering excellence, enthusiasts are now recognisng that many of the most innovative and technically advanced watches are coming from Germany.   One of the leading exponents of the ‘new wave’ of German watch making is Damasko Uhren’, situated close to Regensberg in Southern Germany.    At the heart of Damasko is fine engineering. Damasko Metallbearbeitung produces over 5 million metal parts in over 1200 types as diverse as dental and surgical instruments, satellite components, piston rods and even fountain pen parts.     Starting in 1994 after five years of extensive research, Damasko took out patents for 20 martensitic variants of stainless steel which surpassed all of their demanding criteria. Steel that is absolutely nickel-free, offers excellent corrosion resistance and can be tempered up to 64 HRC/800 Vickers which is four times the hardness of the steel currently used in the watch industry.   What makes this material unique? The molten steel is enriched with 0.35% nitrogen under high pressure. Both nitrogen and carbon are responsible for the hardness of the alloy. This special process of hardening creates “ice-hardened, nickel-free stainless steel”.    Damasko exclusively use this pioneering material for  • ball bearings for jet engines • rotor bearings for helicopters • fuel pumps of the 'Space Shuttle' • high-speed bearings in CNC lathes • dental and surgical instruments   Another Damasko first, in the watch industry is their unique crown and pusher lubrication cell. Once again the concept for this solution is a miniaturised design developed from industry.    Damasko’s crown and pushers are equipped with a patented lubrication cell which ensures a smooth action and lubricates the shaft and the gasket. The tubes of both crown and pushers are screwed into the case using a special key. Almost every other watch manufacturer makes use of an inferior ‘press fit’ tube.   The lubrication cell is a tube made of Damasko’s hardened stainless steel which is screwed into the drill holes for the crown and the pushers. The cell is filled with a synthetic viscous lubricant and sealed with two innovative Viton™ seals .The lubricant fills the microscopic surface roughness of the polished crown and pusher stem and eliminates friction and wear. An added advantage is that this self lubricating system protects and prolongs the life of both components and gaskets   The Damest multi-layer watch coating is applied in a PECVD process. The combination of layers is about 7µm (microns) thick with an outer hardness about 2500HV to resist abrasion. By giving some of the intermediate layers of the coating elasticity and by keeping the layers thin, the outer layers can deflect enough to resist chipping from hard impact but without giving enough deflection to actually crack. The practical benefit of this combination of layers is a hard coating with high resistance to surface scratching, so a Damasko watch can look as good as new for years.   Damasko have recently turned their attention to the watch movement itself and in 2010 introduced their own movement, the A35. They have also developed their own lubricant free escapement. In fact in 2013, Damasko can proudly boast that over 90% of components are produced ‘in house’.   As you would expect, Damasko have gained a firm following amongst watch fans and technical specialists. Indeed the The European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company ordered Damasko watches for their team of test pilots and test personnel.    Due to current demand, some Damasko watches now have a waiting list of up to five months. A long waiting period is tiresome for many of our customers. However at Page and Cooper, we have excellent relationships with our manufacturers and can reserve you a build slot and will endeavor to keep you updated as to the progress of your reservation.    Indeed we can use this lead time to customise your Damasko to you particular preferences.   We urge you to contact us now to discuss your personal requirements and options