Page and Cooper - Prodrive Tour

Any chance we at Page and Cooper have of getting ‘up close and personal’ to some amazing cars is one that we are certainly not going to miss.

So when we had the opportunity of having an extensive full tour of the legendary Prodrive facility in Banbury Oxford, we jumped at it.

From the classic collection which houses icons such as Richard Burns WRC cars, Metro 6R4, Le Mans Ferrari 550, Mondeo BTCC and many more, we proceeded to the engineering shops where gearboxes, engines and electrical wiring looms are made. As you would expect, these workshops are immaculately clean and organised but still retain an air of the ‘craftsman at work’. Next to these stations were the two dynos that Prodrive use to test all of their bespoke engines. We were told that when the V12 and V8 engines are being tested it is a major event and a real attraction for Prodrive staff themselves.



Then, onto the fabrication shops where new body shells are delivered. At this time, it’s Aston Martin and Mini. Body shells are stripped of every ounce of unnecessary weight...right down to removing any surplus glue!  Then Prodrive’s engineering skills are introduced including beautifully made roll cages and various other modifications.


Next, is the machine shop where Prodrive manufacture all sorts of sophisticated components for a variety of companies. We were sworn to secrecy but we can tell you there was some beautiful work going on in there.

We headed to the Aston Martin Racing Workshop where the first thing that greets your eyes is the gorgeous Gulf Racing LMP 1. Amazing! The rest of the workshop is filled with Aston Martin Racing GT3, GT4, GTE and some bespoke racing cars for particular events, again we were sworn to secrecy.



Finally, the preparation area had, some would say, a car that defined Prodrive as we know it today. The Rothmans Porsche 911 SCRS was being prepared for the Silverstone Classic. It just looked perfect, a testament to Prodrive’s past and future.



The whole tour was a charity event and we are thrilled to learn that several thousand pounds was raised for ‘Help for Heroes’.