Introducing the RALF TECH WRX ''A'' Hybrid II Black GIGN

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After 6 months of extensive testing Page and Cooper can officially announce the adoption of the Ralf Tech WRX 'A' Hybrid Black Watch as compulsory equipment for the tactical divers of THE NATIONAL GENDARMERIE INTERVENTION GROUP known as the (GIGN).   The GIGN is the special operations unit of the French Gendarmerie, who are trained to perform counter terrorist and hostage rescue missions in France or anywhere else in the World where French Citizens or interests are threatened.   Wherever the circumstances or dangers are extreme, the services of the GIGN are requested. The GIGN is legendary for its skills in hostage rescue, combatting large criminal organisations, and some of the Worlds the most wanted and dangerous criminals.     The GIGN work, and indeed train, with the special Forces of many nations in remote and dangerous locations. Recent high profile operations have been the recovery of hostages both on Air France aircraft and ships illegally intercepted by Somali pirates.    The GIGN Divers use the marine environment as a method of concealment during covert operations. GIGN divers use closed circuit respirators which do not produce bubbles under water to avoid detection.   The following points led to the choice of the Ralf Tech WRX "A" Hybrid as standard issue for the GIGN.  

Quartz Cal. 12 times more accurate than a conventional auto

Self-winding Rotor with 60 day reserve, no reliance on a battery

Rugged and reliable constrcution tested in real World Combat environments


Excellent Legibility 

We are not allowed to disclose how many Ralf Tech watches are delivered to the GIGN for obvious reasons of confidentiality.

A civilian version of this watch is now available for sale in an exclusive series of 100 pieces.    The civilian version of the WRX 'A' Hybrid® II Black is technically, in all aspects, similar to that issued to divers of the GIGN bar the GIGN logo and of the engraving showing GIGN Diver Patent Number on the back of the watch.    This watch is part of Series 'A' (A for Army) specified to military requirements.    At Page and Cooper we have secured just a few pieces of these fine watches, you can order yours here Contact us for more information.