Introducing Red Bull Racing

A Ferrari teddy bear......not I think for us! There is, however, an intrinsic beauty in automobiles. The Formula One car in particular, with its marriage of speed, colourful livery, rare materials and unique aerodynamic shapes, but the idea of hanging part of a car on your wall has always seemed a bit, well, inert to us. And perhaps an invasion of the home or office. Up to now that is!


We met John Haigh, engineer, designer, craftsman and artist. For many years John specialised in restoring fine Bentley Automobiles. Cars both old and new from post war R Types to GT’s. Through this work he acquired an appreciation and an understanding of not only vintage Bentley’s where pure craftsmanship was valued above cost, but new Bentley’s where function had to be treated with equal importance.
In 1989 John had the chance to acquire the front end of Nigel Mansell’s Williams F1 car. But it perplexed him as to what could be done with such an iconic piece of motorsport history. After moving the wing around various parts of his house, John realised that what the item needed was function, not just form. To re-purpose such an iconic piece would allow it to gain a new lease of life away from racing but retaining its beauty and heritage.
Using his engineering skills but with respect to its origins and style, John embarked on a series of concepts and designs, but it was on a visit to an official F1 component store that a ‘Eureka’ moment occurred in which the component itself suggested its new use.
Just a few years before, a new Formula One team had appeared on the scene, a team that was young, forward thinking and uncluttered by the conventions of the past - Red Bull.
The team at Red Bull Racing saw immediately what John was trying to achieve and gave him unprecedented access and support. It was the engineering and not the glamour of the part that dictated its new role. And so John set about creating his first pieces of re-functioned automotive art. Re-engineering components for a new life and purpose.


Red Bull Racing chose John's art to adorn the Red Bull offices and their VIP Paddock Club at many of the F1 races. A clock made from gearbox and suspension components, a vase from a carbon rear wing and salt and pepper shakers derived from parts of the braking gearbox hydraulic system. No greater accolade could be given than when Dietrich Mateschitz, Red Bull GmBH co-founder and CEO along with Dr. Helmut Marko, Red Bull Racing Motorsport Director team leader chose some of the items for themselves after visiting Red Bull's Milton Keynes headquarters.


What makes John’s creations truly special is that they are made from parts that have actually raced, sometimes even won. Each part has its own certificate of authenticity, signed by not only the Team Principle, Christian Horner but also the Chief Technical Officer, Adrian Newey OBE, a team member, or in the case of the larger pieces, signed by the drivers themselves. Let us not forget the significance of this. Red Bull Racing are world champions and the team to beat.
The pieces are created to order in John's London workshops, using traditional methods which allow for a great degree of personalisation. Ownership of premium pieces also includes a tour of Red Bull's Base.


Should you be looking for a truly unique piece of automotive art for your home or office then Page and Cooper is the place to start.