Roue Watches. Motor Culture, Design Driven.

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To begin.
We’ve just returned from a visit to Luftgekühlt GB which is a gathering of air cooled Porsche Classic enthusiasts and their machines. Held at the new Bicester Heritage Centre, it’s only when you get up close and personal with these gorgeous and original examples of automotive craftsmanship that you can truly appreciate the perfect dimensions, the wonderful colours and immaculate engineering that are the reason why these mid century classics are always in such strong demand. And interest is growing.

The same quality values apply, and are equally valid, in the field of watches and watch design and it is thus with great pleasure that we at Page and Cooper introduce ROUE Watches. Let's be honest, how can one not love these watches.

Design, focus, beauty, originality, quality, functionality+simplicity and all at extremely accessible prices. Our considered and knowledgeable opinion is that these examples of the watchmaker’s craft punch well above their weight.

car and watch

It has been a genuine pleasure to have had extensive conversations with Alex, Brazilian born founder of Roue. From his São Paulo base, he has told us that from an early age he has been inspired and excited by many of the last century’s great designers;. Dieter Rams, Hartmut Esslinger (the industrial designer of Sony-Wigan fame AND the first Apple products) and Richard Sapper (a designer well known and respected for a combination of technical innovation AND simplicity).

This love of design coupled with his family’s love of classic cars when he reminisced with us about childhood journeys in the back of a BMW 3.0 SI, later morphed into, and were the inspiration, behind his creation of the Roue Watch family.

And now let’s take a look at the Roue family.

all four

The Roue collection is divided into 4 types but there are commonalities. All watches are 41.5mm wide but case thicknesses vary from 9.8mm to 10.9mm for the Chronograph. All watches use a similar case format for inspiration (just like the original Swatch concept from the 1980’s. A shared form, each with a different story to tell). Roue like to describe the brand as a kind of higher tier Swatch made of 316L stainless steel with a sapphire crystal covering so many styles in one horological statement.

Every Roue Watch comes complete with two interchangeable straps, depending on the model chosen. Some straps are leather and silicone, some leather and nylon and some silicone and nylon. Cases are sandblasted 316L stainless steel. All watches use Japanese quartz movements manufactured by Myota or Seiko. Watches are water resistant to 50mm and carry a two-year warranty.

The CHR Chronograph.
Inspired by the 1970’s Motorsport era. The King of Cool. From Monaco to Le Mans, this streamlined design evokes the rush of the racing circuit. A tribute to all those who left their mark.

The SSD Seconds sub-dial.
Inspired by 1960’s British motor culture, man, meets machine. Superb handling and luxury upholstery. Fully equipped. Straight up. With a twist, shaken not stirred.

Inspired by German Industrial Design from the 1980's. Go your own way. Efficiency meets excellence. This watch shows the essence of German design. Brutally beautiful and industrially iconic.

Calendar. Inspired by Sport minimalist design from the 1990’s Back to Basics. The CAL is pure perfection. Naturally uncluttered and simply straightforward. In this case, less is definitely more.

back and front

And finally.
Each of these Roue watches represent incredible value. Beautifully packaged these lovely watches would make a superb and simple addition to anyone’s collection. Also, an amazing gift for anyone, or perhaps that special someone who appreciates great design, classic cars or just the finer things in life!

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