Sinn Prices Are Rising! Order Now to Beat the Increase


Sinn have announced a worldwide price increase, effective October 2018. For those orders made before October 1st, Page and Cooper will honour the current price of any orders made up until this date. If your order is not due to be delivered until after this date, do not fret, we will still be honouring the price. Essentially the only way to lock in on the current price would be to order before October 1st.

Why are the prices increasing?

The price increase in Sinn watches is due to increasing in costs for their watch production, such as movements, materials and labour and other special Sinn features, such as Sinn’s specific watch cases produced by SUG, the Sinn owned case maker in Glashütte. Recent exchange rates have also impacted the price of Sinn watches and these price increases are common among the Watch industry. Most watch manufacturers alter their prices semi annually or annually at either the beginning of the year or at Baselworld as seems to be the new trend. Sinn, however, choose to alter their prices annually on October 1st.

By how much will they be increasing?

Unfortunately we are unable to say what extent exactly these increases will be until Sinn complete their calculations and provide new cost sheets at the end of this month. Sinn does not implement these changes across the board and instead calculate the new cost of each watch on the basis of the increase of their manufacturing costs for each individual model. So, with this logic, there is a possibility that whilst some watches may increase by only a few percent, other models may increase by substantially more and it is impossible for us to predict what these changes will be. Unfortunately we also cannot state whether or not the changes in price will be made to the accessories such as watch straps and bracelets either.

So if you are thinking of adding one of these amazing technical watches from one of Germany's finest watchmakers, then now is the time.

If you have additional questions that we have not covered, please feel free to contact us on +44 (0)20 8387 4060.