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Here I am in sub-zero bone-chilling temperatures trying to open the door of a frozen hire car. And I’ve failed. Another 10 minute walk back to the Airport terminal to get another key for a car that has heated locks! A word of caution, if you visit Germany and you go to a small airport prepare to be given a small car. It’s not the greatest fun to drive a small compact on an unrestricted autobahn when an Audi or Mercedes is bearing down on you at 120mph! But enough of this, back to the subject of this article.

What has made us tackle this journey from London to Frankfurt in the depths of one of the coldest European winters on record? Sinn Watches of course.

We’ve been talking to Sinn for a long time about becoming an authorised dealer for their legendary watches and we constantly get requests and questions about Sinn. We have always felt there were Sinn fans out there who needed advice, guidance, service and the ability to purchase a watch!

We were invited to Germany and greeted by the warm and friendly Nicole Bausch. Nicole is Head of Sales and took us on a tour of the factory to really gain an understanding of what makes Sinn ‘tick’.

Sinn Watches are based in a very smart building on the edge of Frankfurt. Nicole tells me that Helmut Sinn, founder of the company, still lives in the same road, just a short walk away.

We are first shown into Sinn’s impressive showroom.  At one end of the showroom, one obtains a first insight into Sinn’s ground breaking and innovative technologies. A large fish tank houses a Sinn UX diving watch, and a Sinn U200.....and fish! Mounted back to back, the watches rotate and reflected in the light, you can clearly see the benefit of Sinn’s revolutionary oil filled technology known as Hydro. The entire watch face dials are sealed in oil. This virtually eliminates reflections underwater and prevents fogging due to temperature change. A very effective display of this amazing technology, not sure if the fish are impressed though!

Nicole then guides us to the main watch workshop where all new watches are painstakingly assembled. The first thing that catches the eye is a line-up of the new Sinn EZM 10 TESTAF Chronographs under production. We can’t wait for these new amazing chronographs to be delivered. We already have some on back order and they are sure to be in demand. 

An interesting fact we learnt is that each and every Sinn watch is delivered with a build certificate from the watchmaker who actually made it. In this way, every watchmaker is personally responsible for every watch made and if there are any issues, return would be directly to the watchmaker who originally built it. This reminds us of the engines built at Mercedes AMG where every engine is built by one dedicated engineer.

Next to the watch assembly room is the testing room. Sinn have some of the most extensive testing facilitates in Europe and they can test in-house for extreme pressure, temperature, shock and even the reaction of straps to UV light and extreme environments. Nicole also tells us that many of Sinn’s employees are given prototype watches, materials and straps to test in the field. Nicole herself is an experienced diver and wears a well-travelled U200 (EZM8).

We then move away from the main building and into the Sinn Watch School. Sinn train their watchmakers in-house and we were privileged to drop in on a class in progress. Six watchmakers will graduate from every class, and many new movements will be developed and examined in the school by senior watchmakers within the company.

Next to the school is the assembly area for quartz watches. Here Sinn’s revolutionary oil-filled Hydro range are assembled, oil filled and tested. The Sinn UX range has some really clever features including a case back that can flex to adjust to varying pressure...very interesting!

We then walk through to the service centre where all Sinn watches arrive to be serviced and/or repaired. Nicole says Sinn customers really do use their watches in the most extreme environments. 

Personally, I have owned a Sinn U1 since 2007 and it’s the veteran of many dives all over the world. But it’s never been serviced! Nicole was very keen that the watch should be checked and I’m pleased to say that in the timing test it was running just 5 seconds slow, and the pressure test? It passed with flying colours! That’s impressive considering the abuse that my U1 has been put through. Shows it is eminently fit for purpose. Sinn service watches from all parts of the world and with so many innovative features and technologies it is always best to return a watch to its home for a thorough inspection and service.

We were joined by Mr Lothar Schmidt. Mr Schmidt, owner of Sinn Uhren, is an engineer first and foremost and is truly passionate about pushing the boundaries of watch making ever further. With Sinn’s heritage in space watches, it seems the sky is not the limit.

If you have any questions about Sinn watches, we would be delighted to help. We are only a phone call away, and we take pride in our extensive knowledge which we are only too pleased to share.