Up, Up and Away with Sinn Watches

Flying to Frankfurt in one of Lufthansa’s newest Airbus A320 “Sharklet” airliners was particularly appropriate knowing we were heading for a meeting with our ‘Partners in Time’ Sinn Uhren. One of the company’s senior engineers has set aside time for us to discuss in great detail the technical innovations of the Sinn TESTAF pilot’s watch, we were excited and at the same time very intrigued! 

Sinn Watches

Sinn actually provided a special edition of the Sinn 857 TESTAF to celebrate the introduction of the Boeing 777 to the Lufthansa fleet - the watch comes in a very ‘cool’ flight case and is of course available to Page and Cooper customers. 

We were travelling in the perfect vehicle for this visit…

The Sinn TESTAF watch has been the subject of several years of research and development by the University of Applied Sciences in Aachen, the aim being to create a clear and concise specification for aviation use. 

As you would expect of us at Page and Cooper, on these visits we like to update our knowledge of what is going on at the company as much as is possible. We interviewed the senior engineer and were also able to take exclusive videos showing Sinn technologies and preview some of this year’s exciting new releases (see below). 

Our meeting with Sinn explored exciting future plans involving the company and we have commissioned Page and Cooper ‘specials’ in close collaboration with the watchmaking team. These are not limited editions but the result of us reflecting our own and our customers’ views. Each of these watches will come with a Letter of Authenticity, signed by us stating that it is an official Sinn Factory Build. There will be a small additional charge as we will be paying extra for the modifications required but if you are, as we suspect, a true watch fan we are sure you will appreciate that these unique watches will add something extra special to your collection.

First off, we will have the Special ‘Red Hand’ 556 A and 556 I. Adding the red hand to these classics, makes for a great contrast to their ultra-clear dials. The watches have been finished with a black leather Flieger strap with matching red stitching, sourced for us by Sinn and manufactured to their own exacting standards.

Sinn Watches TESTAF

We have also commissioned a ‘Mil-Spec’ Sinn UX with the crown at 10 o’clock. Our version will have a sterile dial (i.e. NOT military markings) and will be completed with a metal bracelet which makes for a unique but most desirable Sinn UX.

Sinn Watches

We have made many firm friends at Sinn and you can rest assured that we have exciting and exclusive plans for the future. Of course, as our client and friends, you’ll get any news first! 

‘Sinn’ cerely,