Spinnaker Watches, New Bradner and Fleuss with Bracelet

Would you believe it! SPINNAKER have done it again.

double bracelet

Two new dive watch releases that blow our ‘flippers’ off and at prices that frankly, we struggle to believe!

The new Fleuss and Bradner watches have been released with brand new bracelets. But it’s not enough for Spinnaker to release new bracelets for just two watches. They have actually released a further seven watches to go with them! Three brand new Bradner's with upgraded specifications and four new variants of the Fleuss. It is amazing that the whole watch and bracelet combo comes in at a price less than some competitors charge for a bracelet alone or even a strap.

Technically the bracelets are themselves unique with the Fleuss having a classic H-link and the Bradner an oh! so cool ‘beads of rice’ bracelet. Take note. The owners of Spinnaker watches are very experienced in the watch industry. They have huge resources and are able to create many differing designs to modern production standards. However, above all they are watch enthusiasts and strive for great design at a great price.

Their mission is for YOU to become a Spinnaker collector, enjoying the interesting iterations they present for not just one watch but maybe three or four. To be honest we, at Page and Cooper, would not have produced a fume textured dial with gilt accents on a Dive Watch but now we have it in the office, it has become a firm favourite, not only with us but also the many calling customers.

bradner x3

Fluess x4

So, when thinking about your next watch purchase, why not make it a fun one? With great finishing, a reliable Seiko NH35 movement and a two year warranty from an established and trusted seller like ourselves, why not give Spinnaker a go?

Let’s have some fun with our beloved pastime this season! As a gesture and because of our enthusiasm for the Spinnaker brand we are giving a 20% discount on all Spinnaker watches......but for a limited time only. You should have no reason to deny yourself that desire for a new Spinnaker watch now!