The Squale 1521, The Legend Continues

Squale Watches

If you know anything about Page and Cooper then you'll know that we enjoy a fantastic relationship with our manufacturers. Many of them are now close friends and we treasure these friendships. It's part of the fun of Page and Cooper.

One of our very special relationships is with the team at Squale watches. We have championed their amazing and historic dive watches since our very beginning and we pride ourselves on our contribution to their progress over the last few years. We are pleased to say, success has not gone to their heads. Squale still painstakingly produce stunning watches at amazingly accessible prices.

Squale Workshop

Every watch fan should have at least one Squale in their collection. A Swiss-made dive watch with this heritage and construction and of course, stunning good looks, is ridiculous at current price levels. As we say 'Everyone loves a Squale'.

Squale Watches back in stock

We at Page and Cooper, together with the good people at Squale, are working hard to keep these superb dive watches available to everyone but, try as we may, demand far outstrips supply. Some models have been sold out since February and at this point we take the opportunity to say a big thank you to our great customers/friends who have waited so patiently for their watches. We have, with pleasure, included a special thank you item in your shipment!

And now for the good news! At long last we have Squale's back in stock. Especially the classic 1521 models. We have stainless steel with black dial & black bezel, Blue Ocean with a blue sun ray dial and blue bezel and the matte version which we call the Satinato with matte blue dial & blue bezel or matte black dial & black bezel.

Squale 1521

And the bad news? Sadly, there are just a few! The current production at Squale is almost sold out. Like many of our European manufacturers, Squale will close for the month of August so we do not expect to have further deliveries until October.

So, if you're thinking of buying a Squale please don't delay!

Many of our customers have questions when purchasing a Squale so I have just completed this brand new video hopefully addressing any queries. We speak to our friends at the company daily and visit the factory several times a year.

I hope that our passion for this very special company shines through in this blog. We will always do our very best to support specialist niche manufacturers.

Rest assured we are here to assist with 'your' Squale watch and as with all the watches we supply, our extensive after-sales and technical teams are happy to look after your purchase for many years to come.