A Brief Summary of the Hanhart Collection

Hanhart Racemaster GTF

We are privileged here at Page and Cooper to be one of the few Hanhart dealers in the world. Hanhart is a brand synonymous with reliability. Beautifully made to order, these timepieces are manufactured to last.

Today we are going to take you through a brief look at some of our favourite Hanhart pieces from the Pioneer, Racemaster, and Primus collections.

The Pioneer collection is characterised by iconic Hanhart features which have been used by the brand since the very start. The typical ‘bicompax’ display format, the red button and asymmetrical button arrangement are just a few.

The stunning Hanhart Pioneer Mk1 is a replica of the iconic Calibre 40 which was the first ever precision chronograph produced by Hanhart back in 1938.

Hanhart Pioneer Mk1

The Calibre 40 was a mono-pusher chronograph and was issued to the German military. The Pioneer Mk1 recreates the look and functionality but with updated components and features.

All of the chronograph functions on this piece including the start, stop and zero settings are altered by a single button. Unlike its two-button equivalent, the seconds hand can’t be restarted from the point they stop at. Instead the next press of the button returns the spring to the original starting point. An unusual feature and one which meant that the automatic calibre used for the Mk1 had to be redesigned slightly.

The case stays true to the original Calibre 40 design, the stainless steel case, stylish leather strap and vibrant red features make this an extremely good looking timepiece with a decidedly contemporary feel. The large fluted bezel is a thing of beauty and is certainly a stand out feature of this piece.

The Hanhart Pioneer Mk1 is available with a black or white dial.

The Hanhart Racemaster collection is reminiscent of their close association with motor racing during the 1960s and 70s. The colour scheme used for the dials in this collection reflect the colours of those legendary racing cars.

Hanhart Racemaster GTF

The anthracite-tinted section on the dial provides a unique contrast for the bright red hands. Each feature a ring-shaped minutes scale which are different colours for the GT, GTM and GTF.

The Racemaster GTF, Racemaster GT and Racemaster GTM were the first models to feature watch cases made from HDSPro® which is 100 times more scratch-resistant than normal stainless steel.

We love the Racemaster GTF which is a sporty, technology-inspired piece with automatic chronograph movement and asymmetrical button arrangement. The numerals and hands are coated in Super-LumiNova® making them easy to read in dim light.

Hanhart Racemaster

The underside of the leather strap is styled in the iconic Hanhart red, a stylish touch and a fitting reference to the story behind the red Hanhart button. The story behind the distinctive red button is that the girlfriend of a pilot painted the button on his Hanhart with her red nail varnish so that he would think of her when he was flying and return home safe and sound. Whether this is in fact where the red button came from or whether it was to prevent pilots unintentionally zeroing the stop time, no Hanhart would be complete without it.

On the GTF the minutes scale is orange which looks fabulous paired with the black dial and red hands.

The back of these models are almost as good looking as the front. The closed case backs are decorated with an engraving of a starts flag crossed with a chequered flag, another reference to their motor sport heritage.

Hanhart Racemaster GTF Page and Cooper

Finally, the Primus Collection which is a contemporary take on pervious Hanhart chronographs. Combining traditional elements with state of the art technology and modern design. The Pilot, Racer and Diver pieces cover Hanhart’s core areas of precision timepieces for use in the air, on land and on the sea.

The Primus Pilot pieces reference the brands legendary pilot’s watches while the Primus Racer range is a homage to their long tradition of hand-wound stopwatches and the Primus Diver range with their outstanding readability underwater are ideal for today’s divers.  

We are big fans of the Primus Diver here at Page and Cooper. Hanhart have supplied the Navy with chronographs for years, including the single-button Calibre 40 we mentioned earlier and their precision stopwatches. Today, naval officers, sailors and divers around the world all wear Hanhart watches and use Hanhart stopwatches both on and under water.

Hanhart Primus Diver

The fluted bezel on the Primus Diver is inlaid with red markings and the unidirectional rotating bezel which features a handy scale for calculating dive time. The bezel can also be adjusted in an anticlockwise direction and has a detent set in steps of a minute. With a self-winding chronograph movement and power reserve of 42 hours, stylish rubber strap and water resistance up to 100m, the Hanhart Primus Diver is the perfect underwater companion.  

If you want to find out more about any of the Hanhart pieces we’ve picked out in this blog or about the brand then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re always happy to talk watches!