The Aquadive Poseidon GMT Limited Edition Watch


A collaboration to produce a new, ultra capable, limited edition dive watch. Aquadive introduce an instrument which both celebrates exploration of the uncharted whilst at the same time pays homage to dive watches of the sixties and seventies which were in demand by major gear manufacturers of that time. The Poseidon brand enjoys a sterling reputation among diving communities worldwide, producing items eminently suitable to stand the extreme rigours of cold water diving.

black strap

yellow strap

QUOTE: “Following the Synchron Group’s super successful and instantly sold-out 2018 DOXA sub collaboration with Poseidon we knew that our fans and collectors would be hungry for more” says Rick Marei, General Manager of Aquadive watches and Vice President of the Synchron Watch Group USA. “It’s an honour for us to have the blessing of such a historic and respected dive manufacturer like Poseidon gracing the dial of our modern Aquadive Poseidon GMT watch”.

This watch takes its inspiration from the original Aquadive ‘Timedepth’ which first hit the market in the 1970’s. Tailor made for globetrotting adventurers, the Aquadive Poseidon adheres to the design strictures of the Aquadive's Bathysphere 100 GMT, a markedly capable dive watch with 450m water resistance and duel time zone functionality contained in a highly wearable 42mm by 12mm thick stainless steel case. A signature yellow livery lightens the 24-hour ring that encircles the perimeter of the dial and this compliments the Swedish brand’s heritage logo at 9:00.


The watch is circled by an ISOfrane strap. This is a soft but remarkably durable ladder style rubber strap which sheds water quickly and and can be easily attached over bare wrist and wetsuit alike.

Power? The Aquadive Poseidon is powered by a Swiss ETA 2893-2 automatic movement which gives up to 40 hours and simultaneously displays both 12 and 24 hour formats. Manufactured from a single block of stainless steel, there is water resistance to 450m. The dial cover is by flat AR-coated sapphire crystal. The Bezel is constructed from a single machined piece of stainless steel which is topped by a scratch-resistant ceramic ring. This is engraved with a fully luminous hour scale which is used when calculating dive time or decompression stops.


Aquadive Poseidon dive watch production Worldwide will be limited to 300 watches. At Page and Cooper, we number amongst our clients and friends, many who have a particular interest in Dive watches. Usually a new and special limited edition such as this will carry a substantial premium. Indeed the Aquadive Poseidon has a full retail price of £1900. But, it can be pre-ordered from us with a 25% discount which brings the cost down to £1400. In addition all pre-orders will receive an extra two ISOfrane rubber straps one classic black and one Poseidon yellow together with an exclusive Poseidon mission patch.

And so, there you have it. A collaboration between two companies, both leaders in their fields which has resulted in the creation of a beautiful new dive watch, the Aquadive Poseidon GMT.