The Damasko DA 37 6 years on

We'd like to share with you this wonderful blog by Adam Stringer. Subject? His beloved Damasko DA37 about which he is still enthusing after 6 years of ownership!

At Page and Cooper we pride ourselves in seeking out and offering some of the most interesting and innovative watches available today. Watches which will give you a lifetime of enjoyment and faithful service. All offer exceptional 'real world' performance at 'real world' prices. And of course the Page and Cooper full service commitment is included with everything we sell. But don't just take our word for it. Sit back and enjoy Adam's wonderful article and terrific photos.

Who would have thought, after 6 years the DA37 is still my daily wear. Whilst others have been flipped, the Damasko has stayed with me all this time and is still as good as the day it arrived that morning in 2007.

For the last couple of years it has been my main watch, only briefly supplanted for a couple of months with a PRS 22 and a Longines. So bearing in mind the usage it has had, its condition is testament to the Damasko case technology.

It does have a tiny nick in the bezel, which is only really visible under a loupe, and the outer anti-reflective coating on the crystal looks a little worse for wear in certain light. But apart from that it looks like it is BNIB (Brand New In Box).

I do miss the original strap, although it was a bit long for my 6 ½" wrist. It has been on a Rios Alligator for about 1 ½ years. However I note with anticipation the recently announced Damasko bracelet.

The watch went back to Damasko over last Christmas for a full service. I'm afraid this was rather expensive as there were numerous repairs required due to a botched service by a local watchmaker. Lesson learnt from that is to let Damasko service these watches, not your local guy!

So to summarise, it's a great watch that always grabs people’s attention, is suitable for all occasions, that has stood up to 6 years of abuse with no signs of wear and still keeps to 1 to 2 seconds a week.

I think this is the perfect watch. BRING ON THE BRACELET!