The Exclusive P&C x Zodiac SSW KIWI

Our mission, to create some very special watches!

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At Page and Cooper, it is our mission to bring to you watches that intrigue, fascinate and surprise. We have spent years travelling the globe in search of both unique and individual timepieces, visiting manufacturers not only of complete watches but also of indices, hands, dials, bezels, cases and even straps. We immerse ourselves in hundreds of years of watchmaking history and what we love is to hear the stories, not only of the watches themselves but of those who created them, and for whom etc. And this is a very good moment to introduce to you a significant brand new watch commissioned by ourselves and made especially for you, our true watch enthusiasts.

We have always been of the opinion that it is our job as your watch specialist to listen and learn from you, the watch lover of today. That was the way it was in the past. A watch retailer would, on occasion, commission a run of very special timepieces for their own customers. We spend many pleasurable hours meeting, talking and listening to you and consider ourselves fortunate indeed that some of our customers, wherever they may be in the world, have become good friends.

It is with you in mind as we create our limited editions and we stress that ours are true limited editions. Too often the phrase is abused. With us it is not. We want our limited editions to be special and to be rare. Our Squale Vintage Master had a run worldwide of just 60 pieces. Our Sinn BLU1 ran to 50 worldwide. Our project with Elliot Brown was 60 watches and the very affordable Spinnaker Cartographe collaboration, just 30. Of course all these watches are now sold out although still much in demand. We have a waiting list for previous editions and we always want to know if anyone wishes to sell. In actual fact, gladly or sadly, these watches regularly sell for more than the original price, in some cases much, much more. This is never our intention but it’s nice for us to know that those who have invested in us have had their faith rewarded.

It goes without saying that prices can go up as well as down but it is gratifying to know that the special watches we create are desired by many but owned by few.

And so to our new watch.

The Concept.
Page and Cooper ‘Collaborations’ are difficult to create. The most important element being the choosing of a watchmaker who shares our passion. Watchmaking is an artisanal, hands-on profession: something we should long cherish. Once we have chosen, our shared passion gives us the confidence to make something really special. Since day one of our business relationship, we have been blown away by the huge energy and passion of the Zodiac team. Every question and every request has been responded to with knowledge and enthusiasm. It is no surprise to us that Zodiac have gone from being solely a dive watch brand known only to a few experts in the field to the choice of the collector on a much broader basis. At Page and Cooper we have many customers who buy every new Zodiac release. Thus, a special edition with the involvement of Zodiac seemed an obvious choice.

The type of watch. ’watch’ shall it be?
We are always enjoying the feedback that you our customers give us: what you love, admire, wear and buy. We are always quick to point out that the watch industry today is supported by passionate enthusiasts and we need to support you. Zodiac’s Super Sea Wolf is fast becoming a modern classic and so it should be. It was there at the very birth of professional dive watches in 1953.

The Commission.
At Page and Cooper, we are always on the look out for new influences and design. We believe that our limited editions should speak for themselves. A good watch should ‘speak’ to you and in this vein every one of our limited editions has certainly ‘sung’. At Page and Cooper we have a secret weapon! We are by choice a small, exclusive family business and we are lucky that Mrs P&C trained as a graphic and then product designer. You may have seen her work on 80’s Cinema and Video covers for major motion pictures. When Mrs P&C designed the watch for our collaboration with Sinn, the entire run of watches sold out overnight! What her input means to us is that it becomes easy for us to put our ideas and concepts into technical drawings on card. We then forward these to our watchmakers with the correct colours, gradients and scales. It is these details that enable the chosen team to create the correct P&C limited Edition.

Who will make the watch.
We personally are involved with every stage in our designs. From concept tocreation, manufacturing and packaging, we manage the whole experience. We know many of the people who will actually construct the watches. We say again and again, it is people, human beings, who make watches, not machines. For this project our Swiss movements will be assembled in-house under the watchful eye of Patrick Frochaux, Head of STP Movement Assembly. The watch production will be overseen by Chris Moreau, Head of Production for Zodiac watches. We are grateful both for their support and enthusiasm.

The Dial.
We always keep the initial concept in mind when designing a Special Edition. If we are working with an existing model, we must add something uniquely ours and the dial is the soul of the watch. There are so many ways to influence the dial and we have paid particular attention to this one. The combination of tints and colours are special. We wanted a green watch and one that evoked watchmaking of the past. The greens progress from light green at the centre to almost black at the rim. The whole dial is complemented by a linen rehault with fine black minute markers and thicker indices emphasising the 5 minute sections. So that the dial is crystal clear and legible, we have opted for highly polished applied indices which are deeply filled with our favourite C3 Super-LumiNova. The hour and second hands are polished together, catching light beautifully and making the reading of time an absolute pleasure. Each angle creates a different look subject to the prevailing light. To make the minute hand special, it is painted a glorious, bright green, highly lacquered and filled with lume. Unifying everything, the crystal bezel has been matched to the minute hand thus unifying the watch’s entire appearance. We have created a unique Zodiac which, whilst nodding respectfully at the past, introduces a fresh modern look, suitable for the beach or the boardroom.

The Swiss in-house movement.
This being a P&C special edition, there is much more to come. As watch enthusiasts, you will note the absence of a date dial. After spending so much time creating a magical dial, it seemed inappropriate to interrupt its beauty with a date window so we have omitted the date on the dial. But in order for correctness, we have commissioned Zodiac to equip these watches with a specific no date variant of their Swiss made STP 3-13 movement. This is the latest from STP who are the in house movement manufacturer for Zodiac watches. NB: it is worth noting here, that unlike other Swiss movement manufacturers STP make just one quality of movement; top grade. The STP 3-13 movement is fully decorated with thermally blued screws and their unique Swan Neck Regulator. These are features normally found in far more expensive watches. And of course, ALL Zodiac watches are manufactured in Switzerland.

The Case and your choice of Strap and/or Bracelet.
The classic Super Sea Wolf case has perfect dimensions. 40mm diameter with a 49mm lug to lug and case thickness of just 13mm. It is a great size and supremely comfortable to wear. Perfect companion to the leather NATO strap as supplied or the beautifully polished and brushed multi link bracelet with its unique expansion bracket.

The watch will be available as standard on Zodiac's own soft and subtle leather NATO strap. However, if you pre-order you will be able to option the multi link brushed and polished bracelet. Either way the watch looks and wears great.

We are very proud of this true Page and Cooper limited edition. Just 82 watches will be made for Worldwide sale. (1882 being the founding date of the Zodiac Company). Each watch case-back will be individually engraved and numbered as the Page and Cooper Edition. Watches will be numbered from 1 to 82. A commemorative Numbered Certificate will be signed both by us at Page and Cooper and a senior member of the Zodiac team.

At the time of writing, all components for the watch have been sourced. We await the customised no date movement to be completed, regulated and tested to the finest of Swiss horological standards. The Zodiac team for our watch is small and dedicated. Each watchmaker will spend several hours assembling and testing each individual timepiece. Assembly in Biel, Switzerland is scheduled for April/May and delivery to us at Page and Cooper is set for mid June.

But, in true Steve Jobs fashion, one more thing! The Extras.
This is a Page and Cooper Limited Edition. We want it to be special. As in the past, we will team up with our good friend Timothy Everest MBE. (Tim as he is known to friends and clients). Tim began his career with the legendary Savile Row tailor Tommy Nutter who dressed the Beatles, Mick Jagger and David Hockney to name but a few. Tim has followed in Tommy’s footsteps dressing a myriad of rock stars, artists, actors and politicians and has an enviable history in the provision of iconic wardrobes for major films; Atonement, Skyfall and the Mission Impossible franchise. Tim is engaged in developing a new project; Made by Everyone. This project brings together the best craftsmen, materials and designers to create garments to showcase British style. For our Limited Edition, 82 very special watch rolls will be made using reclaimed British Military waterproof fabric. This watch roll will not be available for general sale. In addition we will include with the watch rolls, 82 miniature pocket knives made in Sheffield, the traditional home of British Steel and and knife making. Joseph Rodgers have been making pocket knives since 1913 using traditional techniques combined with the latest technological developments. The knife is supplied in the watch roll. It has a taper ground drop point blade which locks into position for extra safety. Each pocket knife will come etched with the Page and Cooper wings and marked as a limited edition.

The Page and Cooper/Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Limited Edition is open for pre-order now. Please note that the bracelet option is only available as a pre-order. Numbers will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Please do let us know your first, second and third choice of number in the order comments. The final balance will be due within 14 days of delivery.