The Laco Timepieces Destined to be Tomorrow's Classics

Page and Cooper Laco

Establishing the hallmarks of a 'classic' watch is no mean feat, since it’s tough to pin down the subjective. Yet it’s a topic we’ve given a great deal of thought to here at Page and Cooper.

Ultimately, all things considered, classic watches transcend fashion and often completely disregard trends. They’re a cut above all else, earning themselves a place in the history books because of their unique, instantly recognisable, high calibre qualities.

If you have a penchant for collecting classic watches, direct your gaze to Laco, as we suspect that a few of the recent pieces to leave Pforzheim will become the next generation of classic watches.

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The Laco Mini-Replica B, for example, is a wonderful reincarnation of their existing classics, the original Flieger watches of the 30s and 40s. Its shrunken size and new movement, are the only key differences between it and the originals. Powered by a refined Laco 04, with blue screws and a stop mechanism for the second hand, and measuring 45mm diameter to the original 55mm this is a truly special timepiece.

Page and Cooper Laco

The Mini-Replica B exhibits traditional styling and finishes throughout, harking back to when Laco were one of only five manufacturers chosen to furnish the German forces.

Its onion crown, on the stainless steel case, is a mirror image of the original B-Uhr, and the 12th numeral is marked with an arrow, as it always has been, to allow pilots fast orientation. Its inner hour and outer minute’s dials, which helped navigator’s time short flights with precision, remain true to the original also. As does the long calf skin strap, uniquely designed to loop onto pilots’ flight overalls, quite unlike modern pin buckle straps.

Genuinely vintage watches draw horologists like a magnet, and for good reason. Having endured a lifetime of use, they’re not only as comfortable to wear as your favourite pair of jeans, but they have a story to tell which makes them irresistibly desirable. Until now, they were incredibly hard to come by.

Allow us to introduce you to Laco’s brand new Erbstuck Heirloom Flieger range. The collection with its 42mm or 45mm cases, and type A or type B dials beautifully finished with aged lume. Hand aged by a team of specialist craftsmen, the watches are recreations of timepieces which have seen a lifetime of use. They’ve acquired their own unique patina.

Laco Erbstuck Watch Collection

The stunning eight piece collection is made up of the Memmingen Erbstuck, Munster Erbstuck, Westerland Erbstuck, Saarbrucken Erbstuck, Paderborn Erbstuck, Leipzig Erbstuck, Dortmund Erbstuck, Friedrichshafen Erbstuck.       

Better yet, the Heirloom Flieger comes complete with your choice of high-quality Swiss movement, your watch can be hand-wound or automatic, to suit your taste.

The Laco JU 52 released just last year at Baselworld 2015, it’s another future classic in our eyes, because it nods to the past, while embracing the future of watchmaking.

Page and Cooper Laco

Its uniform monochrome styling, from the sandblasted stainless steel case to the NATO grey strap, gives it timeless appeal which can be worn for any occasion. The crown’s position on the lower right side is a small, but impactful, character-enhancing quirk. 

Again, you’ll find impressive Laco technology, an automatic Laco 18 movement behind and uncluttered and vintage looking 42mm black dial. The second hand has its own sub-dial further enhancing the cleanliness and elegance of its design. Naturally, the large numerals, coated with SuperLuminova C3 are easily readable, while the outer dial makes for a 24 hour watch.

Classic watches are one-of-a-kind, combining rich history and heritage with distinctive styling. We think the Mission Manx Limited Edition Chronograph is another piece that falls into the classic category. 

Laco Mission Manx Watch

The devil here is in the details, as it always is with Laco.

The watch commemorates speed demon Georg ‘Cast Iron’ Meier becoming the first foreign winner of the Isle of Mann TT, and the first to lap the Grand Prix course at over 100mph – on his supercharged 500cc BMW Kompressor in 1939. The 49 piece limited edition run pays homage to Meier's race number.

The vintage bike's original speedometer lives on in timepiece’s two-tone, black and cream dial. With engravings on the 44mm domed stainless steel case, transparent case back, and rugged brown NATO Cordovan strap it’s a unique looking dial.

While the entire piece is a treat for the motorsport enthusiasts among you, horologists will enjoy viewing its Valjoux 7750 movement on the reverse. 

The automatic Laco Phoenix Chronograph is the last of our ‘classic’ Laco timepieces. A retro inspired piece in polished and brushed stainless steel. Its timeless appeal, the key hallmark of a classic watch, is a direct result of its well-considered styling. 

Page and Cooper Laco

The mesh bracelet, lugs, crowns engraved with a Laco ‘L’, and Arabic figures makes for a very complete object. It perfectly contrasts and frames the 44mm blue sunray dial and sub-dials which are capable of measuring split times.

While the indices glow bright in the dark, the German made Laco 50 movement ETA Valjoux 7750 has a power reserve of 40 hours when fully wound. Making it stylish and entirely fit for purpose.

These four Laco timepieces are more than mere fashion statements they are modern innovations in watchmaking technology. They offer precision and class. Pair them with any outfit for various occasions. Everything classic timepieces should be. 

As always you can be that sure the personal service you receive from our dedicated team will be sure to find the Laco that is just right for you.