The New Zodiac Andy Mann Limited Edition Watch

As sole Zodiac agents for the UK, Page and Cooper are thrilled to announce a new Super Sea Wolf Limited Edition.
This design acknowledges, and at the same time celebrates, the work of award winning photographer and conservationist Andy Mann.
It’s always great to welcome a new Zodiac watch, but this new and very special Limited Edition of the classic Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 68 tells a story all of its own. For more than ten years, photographer and conservationist Andy Mann, has been instrumental in promoting adventure film making and photography. He is an experienced climber, diver, Arctic explorer and, at the same time, his photography has won many awards. His many endeavours help to publicise our ever-changing planet across the Continents.
Andy, known affectionally as ‘Aqua Mann’ has been a Zodiac ambassador for several years and we always hoped that there would be a collaboration, but this collaboration has exceeded our expectations. This very special edition of the Super Sea Wolf 68 has a number of unique features, from the beautifully graduated blue dial representing light as it fades thought the depths of the ocean, to the unique whitetip shark 12 o’clock marker.
watch 2
Take note of the unique bezel which contrasts most dive watches in having the last 15 minutes of timing that is highlighted, essentially a ‘count-down timer’. Andy’s preferred choice of timing underwater.
The shark engraved case-back is based on one of Andy’s most famous photographs. The watch itself is a serious dive watch tool, with a 1000m water resistance and the in-house STP3-13 movement which is COSC Certified.

Every watch is delivered with a three-link bracelet, a Velcro strap, a navy tropic rubber band and each includes an autographed Andy Mann photograph. The presentation box is waterproof and made from 50% recycled plastics. With this watch, Zodiac announce a partnership between this great Swiss dive watchmaker and SeaLegacy, a collective of the world’s best photographers and filmmakers, with the purpose of capturing the beauty and the threats below the surface of our oceans.
Zodiac will co-fund SeaLegacy’s upcoming expedition to East Timor to study and document its important bio-diverse coral reefs.
As with each new Zodiac release demand for this watch is sure to exceed supply. We will receive a limited number of pieces and, when they are gone, they are gone. The delivery date for this watch is currently scheduled for early December. If you would like to possess one then be sure to order for the release date of 24th October 2019.