The Spinnaker Piccard Limited Edition Watch

They called it the ‘SWINGING 60’s’ so we guess it qualifies for admission that on the 23rd January 1960, the Bathyscaphe Trieste, along with its intrepid two-man Aquanaut crew, was gently lowered into the Pacific Ocean to dive to an incredible depth of 10,991 metres, coming to rest at the bottom of the Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench, the deepest known point in all the world’s oceans.

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of this historic feat, our friends at Spinnaker Watches announce their most adventurous and bold watch to date. A watch that demonstrates the company’s desire to be noted amongst that rare breed, craftsmen in the manufacturer of true Diver’s Watches.

Dome 1

Among the many things that we love about Spinnaker, is the fact that they are not afraid to be bold and adventurous whilst at the same time, thought provoking. When we were first introduced to the company a few short years ago, this very watch was being sketched out on the drawing board, at the very start of its design and development. At Page and Cooper we have always acknowledged that the family owners of this company are watch lovers before all other considerations and they wanted the Piccard, as this watch has always been called, to make a significant Spinnaker statement. Here with this watch, they have certainly achieved their goal.


The Piccard is a re-imagining of the original dive watch of this ground breaking era. The unique Rolex Deep Sea which was actually attached to the casing of the Trieste. The Piccard features a bold, distinctive scratch resistant sapphire crystal which echos the design of the Bathyscaphe itself and adds a unique and distinctive appearance. Befitting its serious design and purpose, the case measures a not inconsiderable 47mm. However the weight is offset by the use of lightweight titanium. The challenge of diving to these depths is extreme and the Piccard is therefore also fitted with a self regulating helium escape valve.

piccard lume

The watch dial has echoes of the analogue gauges of the first submersibles and is treated with a new application of SWISS C3 Superluminova for great low light visibility. The Piccard is powered by a Swiss Selita automatic movement which has been developed to supply accurate dependability. This is fitted behind a screw down back decorated with an embossed schematic of the Bathyscaphe itself.

piccard 1

The Piccard watch comes with both a hand stitched Italian leather strap and an NBR ‘ISO’ style rubber strap. A perfect combo for use above and below the sea surface. For us at Page and Cooper, it’s great to be able to present such a bold and ambitious watch to our customers/friends for our first launch of 2020. Spinnaker, a progressive and accessible manufacturer, are definitely going places. We are proud to champion this new and adventurous watchmaker.

The Spinnaker Piccard will be available to order from 23rd January 2020 with a limited run of just 300 pieces Worldwide. Reserve yours before the entire run is taken up. Such a small run of 300 Worldwide doesn’t hang around for long.