There’s no time like the present…and there’s NO present like the time!

The days are gone where men wore larger watches and women sported dainty, bejewelled and illegible pieces. In today’s world the larger, unisex watch is the everyday norm. No longer are we subdivided into the 'Men’s and Women’s' categories but embrace and celebrate the wrist watch as the reflection of the individual, regardless of ‘His and Hers’.

No truer can this be than when you take a glance at the wrist of most female travellers on the underground and see the appropriately sized and attractively presented timepieces that demonstrate who they are.

Thus, at this time of the year when an exchange of gifts is customary between couples and friends, a new watch becomes an admirable gift. There was a time when men were criticised ‘Oh not another bloody watch’ when they wished to expand their collection. Subterfuge had to be employed. Reasons for the essential need expressed. Now, all this is gone! Watches are to be mutually discussed, enjoyed, shared between partners, beautiful designs admired, the craftsmanship and micro engineering appreciated by both men and women.

At Page and Cooper, we stock and sell a large selection of watches. Watches are our passion and the ONLY thing we do. At this time of year, we select just a few styles for our readers, both male and female, which we believe you should find particularly attractive. All offer exceptional value for money and are usually, readily available. However, if you are interested, we respectfully suggest that you do not hang about. Many others could have the same idea!

Here are just a few we suggest:
Spinnaker make some great affordable automatic dive watches with a variety of great looks, inspired by classic dive watches of the past but with modern performance to match.


DuFa’s series of Bauhaus inspired watches feature clean simple and elegant designs that will work on any wrist and on closer inspection you see the subtle touches worthy of much more expensive watches.


Roue are modern concept timepieces inspired by iconic retro styles, influenced by the glamour of the 60’s 70’s and 80’s and hark back to a time when style meant glamour and individuality.


Finally, we must mention of NTH who have just introduced their first unisex watch, the Dolphin. NTH have been a big hit here, for they offer unparalleled design, quality, perfect sizing for him or for her and this has seen them fly off the shelves. The gorgeous sunray dials are available in deep magenta and cool ice with a brushed bezel and, of course, all NTH come with an excellent bracelet, adjustable to a wide range of wrist sizes.


So there you have it, if you are looking for a gift that will stand the test of time, a watch is perfect for him or her.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Please buy me a watch
And I'll buy one for you

Spinnaker, NTH, Roue or DuFa
All are available from Page and Cooper, see our range here.