Ticking over at SalonQP

SalonQP 2015

London’s SalonQP isn’t like any other watch show. You know what we mean, the ones that seem to focus on endless coffees, champagne receptions and egos. No, at SalonQP, the focus is on two things and two things only. Watches and the people who love them.

We have attended SalonQP for several years now and it really is the best place we know for watch fans to see some unique watches and meet the very people who make them.

This year at Page and Cooper, we were thrilled to welcome to our stand some very special guests and to announce some great world exclusives. 

SalonQP stand

Joining us on the Page and Cooper stand was our great friend Bradley Price of Autodromo. This brand is fast achieving cult status. Bradley chose SalonQP and of course Page and Cooper to launch his stunning new Group B watch. A titanium and steel tribute to the heady days of Group B motorsport rallying. With attention to detail that many brands fail to achieve at any price, we are sure that the new Group B will be a winner.  

Autodromo Group B

Bradley flew from New York to be with us. Garrick watches also travelled all the way from Norwich to join us. Garrick make absolutely stunning watches and at SalonQP they introduced their latest nautically inspired timepieces. Garrick are representative of the return of fine British watchmaking of the highest order and at accessible prices. Watchmakers of whom we should be truly proud.

Also on the Page and Cooper stand and for the first time in the UK ever (and that is amazing), were our friends from Sinn in Frankfurt. Long the choice of the serious watch connoisseur, Sinn were with us to show first hand their amazing technology, from tegimented steel cases to AR dehumidifying technology to DIAPAL lubricant free escapements. We enjoy a close working relationship with Sinn Spezialuhren, visiting the factory on a regular basis and we pride ourselves on both our excellent technical knowledge of the brand and the superlative after sales service that we provide.

Of course it would not be a true Page and Cooper event without the presence of our good friends from Squale. Based in Switzerland and Milan, two members of the Squale family attended and brought with them some very special watches. Firstly the stunning ‘Master’ watches, created and hand engraved by master engraver Mario Terzi. Terzi agreed to engrave just four watches, each of which is unique as he never repeats his work. Also on hand were the latest prototypes for our beloved Giramondo GMT project. Whilst these are not yet the final examples of the watch, we are getting ever closer and so did not want to deny our many customers and friends the opportunity of a sneak peak.

Finally and also at SalonQP, we were able to reveal a new partnership, with Vulcain watches. Many of our fans have wanted to see this collaboration and over the past few months we have forged some amazing friendships within this legendary watchmaking company. Page and Cooper are now the official UK distributor and after sales centre for all Vulcain watches including the legendary ‘Cricket’ alarm watches which have been the choice of four U.S. Presidents. We will be sharing details with you of these great watches over the next few weeks.


And so, this has been just a brief round-up of some of the many activities on the Page and Cooper stand at SalonQP. We were delighted to welcome so many of you in an informal manner onto the stand and hope in future to welcome many more. When you buy from us remember, it’s not just the watch, it’s the fraternity you become part of. We are the natural home for all of you fascinated by these miniature, mechanical marvels. We are always available to share our passion, knowledge and service and at Page and Cooper, we will always have time for you!