Timing is Everything

Hanhart Stopwatches

Here at Page and Cooper we have many valued clients for whom accurate timing is essential.

It’s gratifying to us mechanical watch enthusiasts that, in this digital age, many professionals still rely on good old mechanical timing solutions in their everyday work.

Hanhart are experts in the craft of quality mechanical stopwatches.

Since 1924 when they released their first stopwatches, they have been pioneers in the industry. The movements enable timing down to an impressive one hundredth of a second.

We regularly supply Hanhart products to UK broadcasters across the country.

Hanhart Stopwatches at Page and Cooper

One of our most recent commissions was to ITN (Independent Television News) who besides ITN itself provide news for Channel 4 and Channel 5. They also supply content for YouTube, MSN, Telegraph Media Group and film and documentary producers across all corners of the world.

Hanhart Stopwatches ITV

Employing the latest digital technology and virtual studio sets from which to broadcast hours of news and entertainment,  ITN’s Central London production and broadcast facilities never sleep, and demand the very latest in cutting edge technology. 

Whilst there is no question that in recent years technology and distribution have advanced out of all recognition. However, it may surprise you to learn that many production teams still rely on mechanical timing solutions (or the humble stopwatch as we call it) for timing essential programme segments. 

ITN Studios Using Hanhart Stopwatch 

Here there are no batteries to worry about, no software updates, no specialist training required.  Anyone can be handed a mechanical stopwatch and have it up and running and timing, in a matter of seconds. In fact, many members of a production team treat their stopwatch as a prized and personal possession. Some even have nicknames! 

 Channel 4 News Hanhart Stopwatches

We make regular studio visits, in order to ascertain how we can best tailor our services to ITN's demanding schedules. As you can imagine, TV production staff departments are large and complex, and at Page and Cooper we have a specialist always available, and dedicated to their needs. 

Time being everything, we can supply Hanhart stopwatches whenever and wherever they are needed, and we provide servicing in-house which additionally means that each watch will have a life of several decades.

Please contact us for more information about our Hanhart stopwatches.