Introducing Vulcain Watches

For all of us at Page and Cooper, working with a new watchmaker is very much like the beginning of a new friendship. The chance meeting, the tentative mention of a common interest and the slow build-up of trust which follows. Each party respecting the knowledge and dedication of the other.

And so it was that we travelled to Switzerland and had a very pleasant meeting with Vulcain watches in spring this year. We were impressed not only by their amazing watches but also their enthusiasm, clarity of vision, and single minded passion. Their desire to bring one of the great names in watchmaking to the UK was clear.

We could fill this article with tales from Vulcain’s past history since the company’s foundation in 1858, but instead we’re going to use this opportunity to fill you in about Vulcain today. Find out why we respect and love what they are doing to enter the fascinating world of haute horology.


Today Vulcain are located in a picture perfect setting. A chateau in Le Locle, Switzerland. Le Locle is known as the birthplace of fine Swiss watchmaking and this chateau houses exactly the vision that you would have in mind when thinking of a fine Swiss atelier.

A small team of gifted horological craftsmen work within this special environment. Just seven watchmakers painstakingly assemble a considered selection of watches, each one an example of excellence in the craft. From Vulcain’s legendary Cricket alarm movements (both hand wound and automatic), to GMT Cricket alarms, chronographs, a Tourbillion, and of course wonderful Cloisonne enamel limited editions.

At every level, Vulcain watches epitomise a passion and the craftsmanship that really excites.


The Vulcain series of in-house movements are truly beautiful, their innovative Cricket alarms are both intriguing and endlessly fascinating.

The classic Presidents watches were worn by four U.S. Presidents, and are available today in classic 39mm but also in contemporary 42mm. We like this type of variety.


The technical Nautical Heritage is an exact recreation of the Vulcain watch designed in collaboration with legendary diver Hannes Keller, who wore an almost identical Cricket on his record setting 315m dive in 1962. Another dive watch, the very cool 'cushion case’ Nautical Seventies uses an alarm which works underwater. Have a look at a great video and review by our good friend Jason Heaton.

For those of you who travel frequently, the Aviator series offers a mechanical alarm and a GMT time zone complication. And then there are the glorious chronograph series with the Aviator Instrument Chronograph and the sophisticated classic President Chronograph, with its discreet ‘mono-pusher’ design.

Page and Cooper are proud to have been appointed the official UK partner for Vulcain watches which are now available in the UK for the first time ever. Of course as with all our fine watches, our service team are available to offer Vulcain owners an excellent aftersales service.

Every Vulcain watch bought from Page and Cooper comes with a two year factory warranty. As an example of Vulcain’s attention to detail and confidence in their quality, as the two year anniversary approaches, you have the option to let Page & Cooper send it back to Le Locle for a full inspection. It will then be returned in due course with a further two year warranty. This means that any Vulcain supplied by us can enjoy four years of manufacturer’s warranty and care. 

Please contact us with any questions, as always we are here to help!