Watch Prices Set To Rise…

At Page and Cooper we love what we do. We search high and low to find watch makers who are genuinely at the forefront of contemporary horology.

These are the watchmakers who are concerned with the integrity of their art, and devoid of the marketing, PR and accounting departments which so often push the price of fine watches out of reach of many genuine watch enthusiasts.

The brands we represent manufacture many components in-house or indeed in their own countries. We are proud to deal with this type of artisan with whom we have developed wonderful working relationships and have a clear understanding of their creations and of course what you, our knowledgeable and well informed clients, want. 

We proudly guard our reputation for selling great value watches at reasonable prices. 

Although we do our utmost to hold prices stable, there is an inevitability that movement, material, and manufacturing costs will rise and such a period is upon us now. However, as fellow watch fans we wanted to give you as much notice as possible so that you can take advantage of the next few weeks to grab that special timepiece before the prices rise.

Muhle Glashutte prices have already risen from 1st August, and we have now been informed that Sinn will also raise their prices from 1st September 2013. Other brands will surely follow.

We currently have availability from our own stocks and those of our suppliers but it doesn’t take long for these to become exhausted.

Give us a call, to discuss your requirements. Whether it’s a present for yourself, a special gift or simply time for a change, we’re always pleased to talk watches and help you make your choice.