A watch that is truly out of this World!

There was a palpable frisson of excitement at the Page and Cooper office this week when an email we have been waiting a long long time for, finally popped into our inbox. At last the Sinn 140A’s we had ordered well over a year ago were finally ready!

Sinn 140A

The Sinn ‘space chronograph’ as it has become affectionately known, was an instant success from the day it was announced. Perhaps to explain why we should step back in time, and of course, ‘space’.

In 1985, German Astronaut and Physicist Reinhard Furrer was chosen to take part in the 1985 Space Lab Mission, code named STS-61-A. Sadly this mission was the last undertaken by the Space Shuttle Challenger before its loss in January 1986. 

During its seven days, the main purpose of STS-61-A was to conduct a variety of experiments in relation to the varying effects of microgravity on various materials and natural substances including plants and human beings.

Reinhard chose to wear an automatic watch. In this case a mechanical chronograph to see how this would be affected in these challenging conditions. Reinhard bought and paid for his Sinn watch himself. From its first inception, Helmut Sinn insisted that all Sinn users should be treated equally and be supplied watches at a fair price to all. To this day this egalitarian tradition continues.

Sinn Watch

Of course, the Sinn 140 performed faultlessly and a Sinn Chronograph either in 140 or 142 variants journeyed into space again on the Mir Space Station in 1992 and in Spacelab aboard the Colombia Shuttle in 1993. 

There is speculation as to the exact model Reinhard Furrer wore. As this was a personal purchase and sadly Reinhard was killed in a flying accident in 1995, we can only rely on actual photographs of the mission.

Long coveted by watch collectors the Sinn 140 has always been a collector’s piece, the hostility of space always adding that extra level of exclusivity to a watch.

When Sinn announced that the 140A was being released as a strictly limited edition of just 200 pieces paying homage to the ‘Space Lab’ watch, it sold out virtually overnight. Sinn increased the number to 500 available. However as previously mentioned supply has been very carefully allocated.

In true Sinn style, the 140A has been updated with many of Sinn’s latest technology bringing this classic chronograph right up to date. Perhaps the most significant is the choice of the Sinn SZ01 movement. This movement is based on a highly modified Valjoux 7750 which recreates the sought after and no longer available Lemania 5100 movement which was used in the original 140. It has the extremely useful feature of a centre mounted 60 minute jump hand. The 140 also features Sinn’s unique AR de-humidifying technology and the beautifully finished polished and saitinised case is made with tegimtented (hardened) stainless steel.

We have only been allocated two pieces and we are currently going through the list of people who have an expressed an interest (this includes ourselves, budget and wife permitting). If you’re thinking of a special watch for Christmas, we think this one is out of this world!